Course in antique embroidery techniques for jewelry

teacher: Doris Maninger
Ready-mades by computer run machines have taken over the world it seems, sawing, mending, stitching, repairing  are activities forgotten by the most.
I n this three days workshop by a sawing fanatic, students will learn to handle needle and thread, will hopefully experience the suspension of time stimulated by the repetition of a simple act and will give over thinking to their hands.

Course program

day one: Introduction to the various techniques and their possibilities for jewelry;
Basic embroidery stitches on flat fabric; realization of a simple lace in Sangallo style.

day two: possibilities of 3D transformation of the sangallo lace carried out on day one, introduction to 3D pearl embroidery, handmade buttons and button holes

day three: Introduction to rebatos and ruffs and their application in jewelry. Finishing of at least one piece of jewelry using one or more of the covered techniques. Final critical discussion on the work and its possible development.


cuff in Sangallo technique, silk, cotton


ring: pearl embroidery, free stitching, mending


cuff in pearl embroidery

japanese nights

free embroidery, mixed media

ring with tears

free embroidery, mixed media


during workshop


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