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In September Walka Studio (Chilean contemporary jewellery collective and school) has been invited to ALCHIMIA to present a lecture, attended by the first class of students in the Master Degree program and to exhibit the works of their students participating in the Contest WE WALKA School 2013 “Ancestral “.

talk with Alchimia Master students

talk with Alchimia Master students

The experience has been very rewarding and generated interesting conversations with ALCHIMIA students.

The lecture Nano Pulgar and Claudia Betancourt (the founders and directors of Walka Studio) presented was titled “TRANSHUMANCE: In the search of new pastures” in which they share both their work as jewelry makers  and their work developing activities in Chile to improve the local scene of Contemporary Jewellery with emphasis on WE WALKA School and their job as teachers.



“Our participation in the first day of classes for the Master program was the perfect prelude to the presentation. We talked with the students about their personal views regarding contemporary jewellery scene, their wishes and professional expectations and how to develop a body of work.”

Alchimia exhibition space

Alchimia exhibition space

“The small exhibition included a selection of the works of our students who participated in the WE WALKA School Contest 2013 with the theme “Ancestral”.The competition had as jury Valeria Vallarta and Jorge Manilla, and had almost 9000 euros in prizes. We exhibited the works in Chile, Spain and Italy.”



Necklace by Maria Ignacia Walker

Necklace by Maria Ignacia Walker

The first award winner of the contest was María Ignacia Walker who is now doing her final year in the Master Program of ALCHIMIA.



All is in fever, all is in disorder, things might never turn out as planned…………..


This is whats going in school on the week before End of the Year exhibition.


Its not only the graduation show ( of course the most important – yes) its the show of all the academic classes in Alchimia



setting up in the newly renovated Limonaia, and preparing tons of surprises




Even more misterious, there is nothing visible yet, but they will be in the drawing room and in the library


This is of course the most difficult and challenging task. The curation of this show, entirely in the hands of the students represents the culmination of  three years of studies.


They have been working on it since one month and every detail needs to be perfect, not only the exhibition but also the name of the show, the press release, the poster and the invitation.

TOUCH email invitation

It is very difficult to give a common denominator to the work of eleven students, each of them working on their own personal themes and concepts.


The stronger the personalities the more difficult the task and this year’s group united under the title “Touch” is certainly a particularly strong one.


All of them reaching high……


So many questions to solve to make each artist happy. Democracy is not easy !!!!


Every year students need to prepare a new installation using the Alchimia entrance hall and the shop window.
A lot of work has to be done.


But there is also some time for rest….and it is also a lot of fun to when you work in a good group and the shifts are well organized.


So we hope to see you soon for the great opening, on Thursday June 19th at 6 p.m.







TOUCH email invitation

An art jewellery exhibition showcasing the final work of eleven students, eight different nationalities, an expansive range of inquiry and a deep commitment to making.

Each series of work unfolds  a precise experience, hands speak in replacement of words, individual matters discuss universal themes in relation to the body as limit and extension.

Touch is an invitation to feel.

Organized by the graduating class,
the exhibition offers an array of strong individual voices at the same time being an example of motivated collaboration.

The students will be present during the whole duration of the show to talk about their work and experience.

Melissa Arias, Daria Borovkova, Amani Bou Dargham, Francesco Coda, Elena Gil, Sana Khalil,
Daniela Malev, Lillian Mattuschka, Carla Movia, Federica Sala, Maria Ignacia Walker.

Federica Sala

Federica Sala



Carla Movia

Carla Movia





Daniela Malev

Daniela Malev


Elena Gil

Elena Gil


Maria Ignacia Walker

Maria Ignacia Walker


Daria Borovkova

Daria Borovkova


Sanaa Khalil

Sana Khalil


Melissa Arias

Melissa Arias


Is there, can there be anything more beautiful than Fabrika 12. It was the second time that we were hosted in this wonderful space and as two years ago just to enter was a feast for the eyes and the soul.
This year we decided to continue the garden also inside the building,extending the concept of our booth at Sieraad to this big space.


It worked out nicely and we can give you an idea with the help of the photos done by our Valencian photographer Marco Angerlieri



It was a  light and romantic installation, a real greenhouse and there was a piece of every student in school.


Here two brooches of Maria Walker, Maria is now in the third year but these brooches were part of her final work in the second year.


The Lamas of Lucy Clark


One of the really positive aspects of this installation was that all parts of the jewel were visible.
Brooch of Amani Boudargham and ring of Sophia Bankestrom.


The rings of Lilian Mattuschka looked like strange iron blossoms.


Maria Karatsidou’s bracelets needed no fastening, the magnets did it all.


Federica Sala’s wooden bracelet

christina 2

and Christina Schmid’s shoulderbrooch found also the perfect surrounding,

but the piece that above all found its absolutely perfect location


was the huge round aluminium neckpiece of Sana Khalil

Lots of visitors came to the opening


and all were very respectful – there had been some fear at the beginning that people might throw over the pots and the jewellery would be in danger


But no – everybody moved with care between the rows.


and many went down on the knees to observe better


discussions about concepts, materials and techniques


lots of photos – lets hope no copies


positive  comments here on a brooch by Carla Movia


enchantment for the bracelets of Brunella Alfinito

elena croce

the necklace of Elena Croce and the pendants of Diana Pantea (mentioned in the blog of Eliana Negroni)

anna shenaz

the necklace of Anna Gayton


and the brroch of Shenaz Erdal

The exhibition was curated by Peter Bauhuis, Lucia Massei and Doris Maninger following the concept of Sam Hamilton.
The participating students were:

Elena Gil

Amani Bou Dargham

Sana Khalil

Daria Borovkova

Federica Sala

Carla Movia

Maria Ignacia Walker

Francesco Coda

Andrea Melissa Arias

Lilian Mattuschka

Lucy Clark

Brunella Alfinito

Maria Pisarevskaya

Sofia bankestrom

seghev Ben-Josef

nanette gelley

sibilla santucci

Christina Schmid

evrim turker

Mariateresa Leone

Aniya Dunkley

Maria Karatsidou

Shenaz Erdal

Yujie Dai

Alla Ozhegova

Diana Pantea

Anna Gayton

Asuka Tagami

Shirley lay

Albert Tse

Elena Croce

Cindy Kuo

In the next days some more will follow on other exhibitions of Melting Point Valencia 2014.





I have found it easier to identify with the characters who verge upon hysteria, who were frightened of life, who were desperate to reach out to another person. But these seemingly fragile people are the strong people really.
Tennessee Williams
Dealing with fragility is somewhat obvious and it is therefore hard to elude the banal and all to expected.
Searching the net as always before writing (how did we write, get ideas before the era of internet),
I find the word linked mostly with love – life – death – 19th. century beauty – sickness – butterflies –
The Tennesee Williams quote I found was almost the only one dealing with the seemingly opposite of fragile but is in a way the subject and concern of the two installations in school.
The window installation by Federica Sala, at daylight  and from outside –  a plain white space of white sheet slightly reminding of a panic room in a mental hospital empty, silent, strong.
“I wanted an interactive window: to represent the revealing of time, and I found my starting point in the work of dutch artist Antoine Berghs ( )
The inside instead is a big bulky torn cube – which appears anything else than fragile –

“I wanted to represent the ambiguity and multiple layers of our human condition. In daylight nothing else than a white textile space is visible, when light fades another image slowly reveals itself. Fire marks reach the surface moving, scary and beautiful.”

Showing and admitting our own fragility, is a sign of strength, to lay open hidden marks needs a whole lot of self-confidence and might condition the attitude of the others.
Is fragility a power game ?


the window at night, revealing the burnt marks and becoming stronger and stronger in its own torn, all surrounding substance.


‘Closed Curtain’ is the title of Maria Ignacia Walker’s installation at the school entrance. It is a curtain of a transparent sticky substance, meant to attack passers-by.

instalacion 1

Also here the day and night vision are different. In daytime a spiderweb or a kind of strange Christmas ornamentation hinders the school’s entrance. You have to be careful when you enter or some threads might attach to your hair or clothes. Some strange shadows start to show when you pass the frontier. It is like entering a foreign body, like diving into the unknown.

instalacion 7

An image of a closed throat, bodily fluids, immaterial beauty is floating and creeping up the walls when the school is empty and all the other lights are off.

instalacion 5

Two visions of our human condition, similar and different in material and expression, beautiful and strong but also frightening and melancholic, which evoke time, its passing and its infinity.

“In my best moments I think, ‘Life has passed me by’ and I am content.
Walking seems to cover time and space but in reality we are always just where we started.
I walk but in reality I am hand in hand with contentment on my own doorstep.

The ocean is deathless
The islands rise and die
Quietly come, quietly go
A silent swaying breath

I wish the idea of time would drain out of my cells and leave me quiet on this shore.”

Agnes Martin


There are always so many things happening around Alchimia school that it is hard to keep up.
We will  tell you about  some of them and immediately ask for indulgence for those reported a bit late.

First news of alumni and student exhibitions and then we move on to our teachers.



This exhibition, curated by Maria Eugenia Munoz, took place in Santiago this August and was a great success. In fact it will continue in another very prestigious location as the
Centro Patrimonial Recoleta Dominica1378767_404352509693286_961352645_n

We thank Maria Eugenia Munoz and all our jeweller friends from Chile for making this exhibition possible.



and of course all the students of for their enthusiasm and hard work during the last year.


and a very special thank you to Maria Ignacia Walker for taking all the pieces to Chile.

At the el.marneri gallery in Athens, Chiara Cavallo curated the exhibition ‘Pattern’.


For more information and photos on this exhibition take a look on Eleni Rompou’s blog ‘Contemporarty


On Sunday, September 29th opened at the Galería Universitaria Braulio Salazar Valencia, Venezuela the 39th Biennial Art National Hall of Fire where Melissa Arias (third year student) received the ACAF Recognition for her work ¨Silence is Healthy¨




Catalina Brenes, graduation year 2008, was selected to represent Costa Rica in the BEIJING INTERNATIONAL JEWELRY ART BIENNIAL 2013.


We are very proud and happy for Catalina.



Yu-Chun Chen and Carissa Hsu who opened the gallery ‘Mano’ in Taipei this year are continuing with their interesting and curageous exhibition programme introducing contemporary jewellery to Taiwan.




Alchimia will be present with student work at Joyabarcelona37026

and at Sieraad Art Fair, Amsterdam



Dinah Lee and Izabella Petrut will have their own stand at Sieraad


On September 14th. at Gallery Rob Koudijs, Amsterdam Ruudt Peters’ exhibition Qi was opened.



On September 13th. Galerie Biro, Munich, opened the exhibition ‘Korrespondenzen, vessels and dishes’ of Peter Bauhuis and Andi Gut


On October 1st, Doris Maninger celebrated the end of her residency at the EKWC with the final presentation of her work during the three months stay at Den Bosch








Red boxes, black aprons, one goal: an unforgettable interaction.

The third year in Alchimia started with Ruudt Peters’ workshop, who challenged the students with an intriguing task: observe and interview the jewellery sellers on the streets of Florence, come up with 22 sellable pieces and go sell them on the street!


They spent two days designing and reproducing their pieces, with some very interesting outcomes! The products that could be offered were various:


Melissa created amulets against the bad eye


Francesco tried to convince smokers with “lighter-holder” pins, being lighters a most volatile item.


Sana’s smile-devices got a laugh even from the most serious ones


Elena’s spoon-rings were perfect for ice cream lovers


The most vain could have Lili make their portrait in wire and wear it as a brooch.


Maria made it possible to buy gold for a few euros.


Carla offered chalkboard name tags as an alternative to wired name chains.


Daria questioned if an everyday object such as the filter of the Italian coffee pot could be worn on the body.


Amani sold the biggest and at the same time cheapest diamonds one can possibly find.


Federica camouflaged throughout the streets with band-aid covered rings.

The responses to this enterprise were various some good, some bad but the positive ones  definitely outweighed the failures.


After some hours of running around and chasing people on the streets the students understood that not only the making process is important, but also how you approach a potential client.


The result was a great learning experience and lots of fun!