Jewellery Specialization – Third year:

The third year  course prepares students for their professional future. Particular emphasis is put on the creative and intellectual development, as well as the refinement of technical skills. The training is performed with the constant support of a staff of teachers,  who represent the pinnacle of international contemporary jewellery. The essence of our philosophy is an intensive focus placed on aesthetic quality. It is the strength of this aesthetic quality that provides our students a foundation for the expression, development, and realization of their own, individual collections. The ideal and tangible complement to the course is represented by the students’ participation in numerous qualified national and international exhibitions and fairs.

the following slides show the graduation work of third year students.

Yuki Sumiya, graduation work cimneys, brroches and pendants 2006

Flora Vagi, neckpiece, ebony, silk, 2004

Robean Visscers, ring, gold, plexiglass, citrine, 2004

Oliver Fueting, ring, gold, resin, 2004

Elena Spanò, ring, gold, plexiglass, 2004

Shannon Carney, ring, gold, resin, 2006

Silvie Altschuler, ring, gold, plastic 2006

SungHo Cho, brooch, silver, 2007

poly nikolopoulou, object, silver, 2007


Elinor de Spoelberch, brooch, paper, steel, 2008

Coco Dunmire, brooch, resin, steel, 2008


Eugenia Ingegno, brooch, silver, steel, 2009

yuong bin park, brooch, gold, 2009

Ara Kuo, brooch, paint brush, silver, pearls, 2010

Malaika Najem, neckpiece, aluminium cast 2010

Isabel Dammermann, earrings, silver, perspex, paper, 2010

Natasha Kandaraki, ring, shibuichi, 2010

sayaka ito, necklace, silver, latex, 2010


gabi veit, neckpiece, aluminium cast, 2011

carissa hsu, brooch, textile, silver, steel



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