First year students begin their studies by learning the basic techniques necessary for creating jewellery. Our teachers guide through both this training and the design process in a way that allows students a gradual technical and creative development.
The main goal of this course is to equip students with confidence in the fundamentals of jewellery making, which contribute to the design and subsequent creation of jewellery.

In this gallery you can see the final work of Alchimia first year students.

Giulia Savino, necklace 2009


Weronika Marek, ring 2009

This ring was part of the 2011 “Sexy” exhibition and catalogue, Galerie Legnica, Poland

Dan Maximyv, necklace 2009

Geri Nishi, necklace 2007


Yu Qi Tan, necklace 2011

Ha Na Choi, Ring 2011


Andrea Coderch Valor, three brooches 2009


Enrica Prazzoli, necklace, 2011

Monica Buongiovanni, Necklace 2005


Chiara Cavallo, necklace 2011


Anna Van de Pohl, necklace 2010

Francesca Urciuoli, pendant 2011


Chiara Cavallo, rings 2011


Andrea Coderch Valor, necklace 2010


Valentina Caporali, brooch 2011


Yu Qi Tan, brooch 2011





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