Advanced Jewellery  – Second year of Alchimia’s programme:

In addition to the development and elaboration of advanced jewellery techniques, the second year programme is composed of conceptual exercises designed to provide students a more liberal understanding of jewellery. These excercises center around the creative dynamics and its language and focus on stimulating individual experimentation and research.
Lessons of freehand drawing and jewellery history complete the programme.

This gallery shows the final work of Alchimia’s second year students and you can see that material research is one of the central themes in this course.

Eugenia Ingegno, brooch: silver, film 2009


Flora Vagi, armpieces, wood, steel, paint, 2004

With this work, Flora Vagi won the Talente Prize for Design at the IHM Munich in 2004. It is the outcome of an exercise with potatoes under Prof. Manuel Vilhena.

Gabi Veit, necklace, wood, silver, 2009

Joanne Huang, armpieces, upcycled plastic,textile, pearls, 2008

One of the concerns in Alchimia is ethical jewelry and the reuse of materials, these pieces are a great examples for upcycling.

Katerina Asam, pendant, nails, cord, 2007


Maria Brossa, baloons, silver, 2007


Ha Na Choi, bracelet, brass, 2011


advanced techniques like chasing and repoussè are also a focus in the second year

Michelle Kraemer, pendant, aluminium, 2008


Malaika Najem, pendant, shibuichi, gold, citrine, 2008


part of the advanced techniques are also basic stone setting and the preparation of particular metal alloys as for example Shibuichi


Malaika Najem, bracelet, ebony, iron, 2008


Meiri Ishida, brooch, silver, paper, plastic, 2003


Silvie Altschuler, necklace, wool, pearls, plastic, gold, 2006

This necklace result of a second year conceptual exercise was chosen for Schmuck 2006, IHM Munich.

Gabi Veit, ring, silver, 2010


Satita Roipojannarat, ring, silver, aluminuim, 2010


Oliver Fueting, ring, shibuichi, silver, enamel, 2004


Joanne Huang, ring, silver, plastic, 2009


Giulia Savino, brooch, olive wood, pigment, 2011


Nadege Roscoe-Rumjahn, ring, silver, textile, porcelaine, 2009


Andrea Coderch Valor, brooch, Shibuichi, textile, silver, steel, 2011


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