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In September Walka Studio (Chilean contemporary jewellery collective and school) has been invited to ALCHIMIA to present a lecture, attended by the first class of students in the Master Degree program and to exhibit the works of their students participating in the Contest WE WALKA School 2013 “Ancestral “.

talk with Alchimia Master students

talk with Alchimia Master students

The experience has been very rewarding and generated interesting conversations with ALCHIMIA students.

The lecture Nano Pulgar and Claudia Betancourt (the founders and directors of Walka Studio) presented was titled “TRANSHUMANCE: In the search of new pastures” in which they share both their work as jewelry makers  and their work developing activities in Chile to improve the local scene of Contemporary Jewellery with emphasis on WE WALKA School and their job as teachers.



“Our participation in the first day of classes for the Master program was the perfect prelude to the presentation. We talked with the students about their personal views regarding contemporary jewellery scene, their wishes and professional expectations and how to develop a body of work.”

Alchimia exhibition space

Alchimia exhibition space

“The small exhibition included a selection of the works of our students who participated in the WE WALKA School Contest 2013 with the theme “Ancestral”.The competition had as jury Valeria Vallarta and Jorge Manilla, and had almost 9000 euros in prizes. We exhibited the works in Chile, Spain and Italy.”



Necklace by Maria Ignacia Walker

Necklace by Maria Ignacia Walker

The first award winner of the contest was María Ignacia Walker who is now doing her final year in the Master Program of ALCHIMIA.



hazardous moments

Alchimia in Legnica, Poland at the Silver festival. Revolt was the title of this years competition and the linking theme of various exhibitions in town and a seminar with interesting talks and presentations.


Alchimia was invited to present the exhibition “Hazardous Experiments”, developed and curated by Doris Maninger and Peter Bauhuis together with the second year class.


16 Alchimists arrived in Poland (all for the first time) in a beautiful city, wonderful people, wonderful weather and lots of jewellery

Ulrich Reithofer
Philip Sajet
Aneta Lis-Marcinkiewicz & Adriana Lisowska
Agnieszka Bruzda & Jan Suchodolski
Institute of Art and Design, University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic
Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, Florence, Italy
Monika Miodek
Prince Charming & Palace of Hapiness
Bastard Collection
Schmuck 2013
Hardened Tears
Presentations 2012
Amberif Design Award 2013
Dorota Gulbierz
Au+ Pink Pig in Ink

as you can see in the above list the quantity of guests and exhibitions was impressive


Here a glimpse of “Hazardous experiments”, we got a beautiful space and were really happy with the result and the interest of the public

dressed up

all dressed up for the opening


lots of people came and were happy to be able to touch the experiments


The students were prepared to answer all the questions


explain their concepts, trials and results

whats that

What a relief to be able to touch and wonder about forms and materials, jewellery behind glass is so totally frustrating

they like it

they all liked it, something surprising and unusual

last party

and at the end a great party!!!!!!


Soon the biggest Jewelry Event in the world will take place as every year in Munich during the HWM Munich craft fair. The programme is getting bigger every year and it is practically impossible to see it all.

I will try to pick out the most important events you should not miss.

Galerie Handwerk (craft gallery) will be guest in the German state Antique Collection
Opening 6.3., 7p.m.

New Jewelry for the Gods
with: Robert Baines, Peter Bauhuis,
Manfred Bischoff, Bettina Dittlmann, Georg Dobler, David Huycke, Daniel Kruger, Christa
Lühtje, Bruno Martinazzi, Francesco Pavan, Dorothea Prühl, Gerd Rothmann, Jacky Ryan,
Philip Sajet, Bernhard Schobinger, Hubertus von Skal, Tanel Veenre, Graziano Visintin.
Königsplatz 1, 80333 München, 7.3.-5.5., Tue-Sun 10-17, Wed 10-20

Three exhibitions in the Pinakothek de Moderne all absolutely to see:

Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich,
address: Barer Strasse 40,
Pinakothek der Moderne  80333 München.
Opening Friday  8.3., 7p.m.
Otto Künzli. The exhibition 9.3.-7.4., Wed-Sun 12-20. Sat 9.3. + Sun. 10.3. 10-18 Uhr.

Schaustelle. The Perfect Place to grow: Royal College of Art.
Wed-Sund 10-18

Interesting talk by Warwick Freeman
Schaustelle outdoor. Talk Sunday morning  11a.m.
Warwick Freeman: All about me

Maurer Zilioli-Contemporary Arts, Brescia,
Manfred Bischoff – Bruno Martinazzi,
from 10-7p.m.
kunstbüro reillplast,
Amalienstraße 21,

Theatinerstraße 14,
from 10-7p.m.

Te mato por que te quiero,
Jorge Manilla, Shari Pierce,
Morawitzkystraße 1,
Atelier Shari Pierce, from 10-7p.m.

Micheko Galerie, Was it a cat I saw?
Akiko Kurihara, Go Segawa,
Theresienstraße18, from 10-7p.m.

Theresa – Restaurant, Fallmamal-Umsturz erwünscht. Nine Jewelers
at the Bowling Alley.
Sungho Cho, Anja Eichler, Beate Eismann, Julia Heineccius,
Young-Hee Hong, Wolfgang Löffler, Barbara Schrobenhauser, Gabi Veit, Manuel Vilhena,
Theresienstraße 29,  7.-9.3., Friday-Saturday 11-5p.m.

Galerie Kullukcu, Bucks ‘N Barter,
Katrin Spranger, Nicolas Cheng,
Friederike Daumiller, Beatrice Brovia, Hilde De Decker, Richard Elenbaas, Tzu-Ling Lee,
Prang Lerttaweewit,
Schillerstraße 23, Thurs-Sat 11-5p.m.

F.X. Muschelkalk, Lusitania,
Estefânia r. de Almeida, Catarina Dias, Inês Nunes,
Pedro Sequeira,
Dreimühlenstraße 32,Thu-Sat 1p.m.-5p.m.

Fotostudio Adrian Greiter, To Tie or not to Tie,
Students of the Royal Academy of
Fine Arts Antwerp for Hermès,
Welserstraße 11,

Galerie GestalterBund, Made in Vienna,
Katie Gruber, Michelle Kraemer,
Viktoria Münzker, Katharina Schmid, Claudia Steiner, Eva Tesarik,
Holzstraße 22, Fri-Sat. 11-6p.m.

Galerie Biro Junior zu Guest at the Royals, Schmuck you!
Réka Lorincz, Flora Vági,
Luisenstraße 66, Fri-Sat 11-6p.m.

Kunstarkaden, The Lunatic Swing,
Attai Chen, Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary,
Sungho Cho, Laura Deakin, Melanie Isverding, Emma Price,
Sparkassenstraße 3, Fri-Sat-Sun 1-5p.m.

Galerie ARTikel3, Kings of my Blues,
Alexander Blank,
Luisenstraße 68, Fri-Sun 11-5p.m. Sat 11-4p.m.

Antiquariat Dieter Zipprich, Vintage Violence,
Volker and Brigitte Atrops,
Zieblandstraße 2, Fri-Sat 11- 6p.m.

Galerie Biro, What I do for you,
Karl Fritsch,
Zieblandstraße 19, Fri-Sun 11-6p.m.

Volker Atrops, Florian Buddeberg, Anna Eichlinger, Christiane
Förster, Irene Gonzalez, Dorothea Schippel, Gisbert Stach, Norman Weber,
Bergmannstraße 26, Fri-Sun 10-4p.m.

Galerie Wittenbrink, Otto Künzli FOR SALE,
Türkenstraße 16, Fri-Sat 10-6p.m.

Thats all for now of course there is much more and I will update on the events later on.



We would like to point out today to the forth coming 12th edition of the Philosophy Festival  taking place in the marvellous cities of Modena, Carpi and Sassuolo (Italy) from the 14th to the 16th of September 2012. In fact this year’s overall theme focuses on the various facets of the contemporary theme of things, questioning, among others, the issues of the “thing itself”, the status of production and its processes, the implications of consumption, the fetish character assumed by things and the passions that they arouse.

Modena, Piazza Grande
photo by Baracchi, Campanini

Carpi, Piazza Martiri
photo by Baracchi, Campanini

The perspectives are extremely wide, and range from more philosophical approaches that reflect on things in relation to culture, such as Remo Bodei’s intervention that will focus on how individuals and society place emotional, conceptual and symbolic investment on them to John Searle’s presentation of his theory of ‘social objects’, which deals with how objects establish the common reality through language.

More literary related to the jewellery field will be the reflections around the relations between mass production, crafts and art, which will be debated through the interventions of Andrea Branzi, who will focus on the position of design in the Italian tradition, and of Richard Sennet who will focus on the common matrices of the craft and the artistic process. How the contemporary consumerist society becomes industry of identity, brand and ultimately of culture will be discussed by Scott Lash, while Fulvio Carmagnola and Vanni Coderre will deal with how the landscape of the present age is moreover dominated by a symbolic system in which the goods, as well as their use value and exchange, are valuable especially in relation to what they represent, in a society that is increasingly spectacularized.

On a more anthropological tone will be Marc Augé, retracing some African religions, to find in the “god object”, ie in the fetish itself, forms and challenges that belong to the contemporary world. Marino Niola will focus his attention back on the power of objects – of religion, of art or hi-tech – revealing their character as masks. Then Krzysztof Pomian will place the issue more in the field of moral theories, thus reconstructing the logic of collecting and the way collectable objects make visible the invisible of social relations.

This is just a taste of the topics touched by this extremely interesting festival, that will be crowned by a variety of events, from exhibitions to installations, from vintage markets to films and documentaries’ projections, from concerts to children’s programs.

Click here to download the programme and here for the general website with all sorts of information.

Lisa Kereszi. Joe’s Junkyard, Modena Galleria Metronom

The birth of unexpected things. Workshop for children and families, Modena, Palazzo dei Musei

Alone against all, Carpi, Piazza Garibaldi

Short on work, Modena, Auditorium Marco Biagi