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The ornament is a very rich and complex cultural phenomenon. The need for decoration and ornamentation has always been an essential part of mankind, from the earliest civilizations until the present day. The ornament is present in every discipline of the Arts, and closely related to the world of jewellery, in which the need to decorate the body forms the main reason for its existence. A piece of jewellery is always an ornament, but an ornament is not always a piece of jewellery.


The ornament can have a symbolic, aesthetic or social function since there is an intimate relation between ornaments and the way people express their life. Feelings of joy, lust and grieve are all materialized in ornaments. Although being attacked for the first time in history in the early 20th century by the architect Adolf Loos and by the philosophy of the modernists, the ornament clearly survived and has now proven to be a subject for contemporary developments in both Fine Art and Design.


During the course the students will investigate the origin of the ornament, its meaning and full potency. The students will be encouraged to connect the world of jewellery with other disciplines, and to search for a relation between the past and the present. Through short exercises and assignments, both individual talks and group discussions the students will develop a personal and contemporary vision on the ornament which will have to result in finished pieces.

I strongly believe every student has to become aware of the relation between the mind, the heart and the belly during the creative process. To form a strong and personal vision, concentration and deepening is necessary. During the workshop the students will be challenged to go the whole way with an idea, to stretch it as far as it can go.

The workshop will take place from July 11 to 15, 2017.

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Evert Nijland is a Dutch jewelry maker. His work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions world-wide, including in the Galerie Rob Koudijs, Galerie Louise Smit, Coda museum, Gorkums Museum, Textielmuseum and Stedelijk Museum (NL), Galerie Spektrum and Cranach Haus, Museum fur Kunst und Gew,  Internationale Handwerksmesse ‘Schmuck’(DE), Oratorio di San Rocco (IT), Cheongju International Craft Biennale (KR), Fondation Bernardaud (FR), MAD Museum (USA), Victoria & Albert Museum (UK) among many more. He is the recipient of several awards among the many the Dutch Design Prizes and The Sotheby’s Award and his work has been acquired by public collections such as the Nationaal Zilvermuseum, Nederlands Textielmuseum, MMK Museum, Coda Museum and Stedelijk Museum (NL), Mima, Middlesbrough Intitute of Modern Art and Victoria & Albert Museum (UK), Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Museum of Arts and Design, New York and the Mint Museum of Crafts & Design, Charlotte NC (USA).



We are glad to say that Patrick Davison has won the Goldsmiths’ Fair 2016 Best New Design Award (Week Two) for Box: a container, an object and a sculpture, only 50mm tall and with a fascinating and intricate surface’s pattern made of silver, brass, copper, bronze, and nickel silver (alpaca).

Patrick Davison Goldsmith Fair Box

Box, fine silver,sterling silver, copper, bronze, nickle silver, brass,  2015


Patrick Davison Goldsmith Fair Box

Who is Patrick Davison

A student of Alchimia in the past, and a contributing faculty today, Patrick is a jewellery designer whose practice is defined by a process-led work which incorporates silver and mixed metals.

He studied at the Glasgow School of Art and at Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence with Ruudt Peters. After graduation he returned to Kent in England and set up his workshop where he continues to work. He began to develop his own work exploring a variety of gold and silversmithing techniques and complementing this personal practice with work in jewellery workshops.



Necklace, silver, shibuichi, 2015


Porphyry, box, silver, shibuichi, bronze, brass copper, 2014


Box (oval), silver, nickel silver, 2014


walls of the church/of the temple, vessel, silver, nickel silver, bronze, brass, copper, 2014


Brooches, all from 2016

Patrick Davison - Glosmiths' Fair

Box, silver, Fine silver, Bronze, Brass, Copper, 2016

Goldsmiths’ Fair

Goldsmiths’ Fair is one of the most important events for contemporary jewellery of the UK, organized every year by the Goldsmith Company.

For over two weeks 150 independent makers, from young talents to more established professionals, from all over Britain are selected by a panel of experts to present their work in this context.

For more information please visit:

2014 SNAG “Exhibition in Print: Animal Instincts”
Deadline: January 31.2014

From prehistoric cave paintings to current digital art, animals have provided creative inspiration across the centuries. “Animal Instincts,” the 2014 Juried Exhibition in Print by SNAG and produced by Metalsmith, will showcase a diverse range of animal-related work from the metalsmithing field. We are seeking works that are about animals, of animals, and even for animals. Let your animal instincts run wild!

This is the descritpion of the open call for the exhibition in print issue of Metalsmith, the magazine of the Society of North American Goldsmiths. As usual you can apply on-line through the CaFÉ™ website.

links for application:


Ganoksin  fourth annual International Online Jewelry Exhibition.
Deadline: February 15, 2014

This year’s theme is “Changing Hues: Color Embraced by Metalsmiths Around the World.”

The exhibition is open to all metalsmiths, professional and amateur, advanced and beginner, around the world.

The exhibition is seeking works whose primary theme is color, whether that be using colored materials, exploring creating colored surfaces, or encasing the object in color. Works should be about COLOR – not color as an accent or focal point, but with color embraced as their primary visual focus.
Details and entry information is available at



New Traditional Jewellery, International design contest and (travelling) exhibition.
Deadline: June1, 2014

This competition is organized by Sieraad Art fair, and takes place every two years and will be shown in November 2014 in Amsterdam.
The conceptual backup for next year’s edition is the following:
“All human joys and burdens have been materialized in jewellery,” according to art historian Marjan Unger. Jewellery marks every crossroads in our life, every highlight and every loss. If jewellery accompanies us every step of the way, how can we use it to improve our quality of life?

for details click:



Competition ITS / International Talent Support
Deadline: March, 2014

The application rules for the award 2014 are not on-line yet. But the web-site tells us that it will be more or less the same as 2013, which means you can start to develop if interested.

for details click:

hazardous moments

Alchimia in Legnica, Poland at the Silver festival. Revolt was the title of this years competition and the linking theme of various exhibitions in town and a seminar with interesting talks and presentations.


Alchimia was invited to present the exhibition “Hazardous Experiments”, developed and curated by Doris Maninger and Peter Bauhuis together with the second year class.


16 Alchimists arrived in Poland (all for the first time) in a beautiful city, wonderful people, wonderful weather and lots of jewellery

Ulrich Reithofer
Philip Sajet
Aneta Lis-Marcinkiewicz & Adriana Lisowska
Agnieszka Bruzda & Jan Suchodolski
Institute of Art and Design, University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic
Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, Florence, Italy
Monika Miodek
Prince Charming & Palace of Hapiness
Bastard Collection
Schmuck 2013
Hardened Tears
Presentations 2012
Amberif Design Award 2013
Dorota Gulbierz
Au+ Pink Pig in Ink

as you can see in the above list the quantity of guests and exhibitions was impressive


Here a glimpse of “Hazardous experiments”, we got a beautiful space and were really happy with the result and the interest of the public

dressed up

all dressed up for the opening


lots of people came and were happy to be able to touch the experiments


The students were prepared to answer all the questions


explain their concepts, trials and results

whats that

What a relief to be able to touch and wonder about forms and materials, jewellery behind glass is so totally frustrating

they like it

they all liked it, something surprising and unusual

last party

and at the end a great party!!!!!!


The jewellery feast of the year is getting closer and we promised some more details and here they are:

This year over 250 exhibits from 58 makers from 18 different countries will be on display at the Munich Craftfair better known as IHM Munchen in one of Europe’s biggest fairgrounds.
The fair itself is enormous and shows craft of any kind from sausages (very popular) to Cuckoo clocks.

So don’t be deluded when you will find out that what is interesting for us jewelers is just a part of Hall B1 but there you can see :
Schmuck 2013, Talente 2013, Exempla 2013 – Handwerk bewegt, Meister der Moderne 2013, Frame with Galerie Marzee, Platina, Ra, Format, Handshake, Chrome Yellow Books, Claudia Augusta Projekt
Almost 600 jewellery makers applied this year to exhibit their works at this famous special exhibition. SCHMUCK is a global competition and attracts artists, gallerists, collectors and students from all over the world.
This year the exhibits accepted for SCHMUCK were selected by Bernhard Schobinger of Richterswil in Switzerland. A trained goldsmith, Schobinger is one of today´s leading jewellery artists. His works are regarded as influential in determining new directions in style and he is an artist with a unique aesthetic sense who has broken new ground in avant-garde jewellery design. Not surprisingly, the works selected by him for SCHMUCK 2013, reflect this background. They include a number of exciting new artists, but also many familiar names.

Apart from the 58 participants from 18 countries one every year one designer is honoured in a retrospective called “Classic of the Modern”. This year it is the turn of New Zealand artist Warwick Freeman.

After the IHM, SCHMUCK will be setting off on tour. In 2013, it will be stopping off in the town of Legnica in Poland, where visitors may admire the pieces as part of the International Jewellery Competition in May 2013.

Talente 2013:
Young artist working in the applied arts and technology  show their work in the international competition TALENTE 2013.
The aim of TALENTE is to promote young people with a particular manual talent and to show an interested audience the enormous potential which lies in the new generation in crafts and trades. The works will be the outcome of formal or technical considerations and experiments, showing something new and exceptional.
The participants are chosen by an international jury from various fields of crafts and technology.
Age limit is set at 33 in the domains of crafts, and at 35 in the domain of technology.

This year three alumni of Alchimia were chosen for Schmuck and Talente:
Giulia Savino (Schmuck)
Andrea Coderch-Valor and Weronika Marek (Talente)

But of course just the fair would not be enough to attract so many people related to contemporary jewellery, there is an evergrowing program going on for the days of the fair, cramped with exhibition openings, talks, parties and even the launch of a new magazine “Current Obsession”.

Current Obsession – is a new printed magazine about jewellery and its relation to different fields of art — performance, illustration, photography, etc. Apart from jewellery artists and critics, the magazine features material researchers, fashion designers, collagists and many more. The goal is to create a different dimension for jewellery in printed environment,  tell inspiring stories about people and places, touching upon subjects like value, language and presentation.


The theme of the first issue is The Archetypes – an investigation into the core of jewellery, an attempt to explore where the boundaries of the field lie and whether there are any boundaries!

Selected features Current Obsession Magazine #1
_ Schmuck 2013 Munich, Germany
_ Travel: ‘Twilight Nation’, Tallinn, Estonia
_ ‘Greed’, Text by Liesbeth den Besten
_ Editorial photo shoots with jewellery by various designers

Editors: Sarah Mesritz and Marina Elenskaya

„Let’s fall over – falling over / revolution desired“
(Austrian / German dialect) is the concept shared by nine jewelers.

Bowling as a principle of life? The ball is rolling, pins are falling, people are cheering. Finally, everything is newly aligned and starts again. What’s the relation to contemporary jewelry? Is it falling over, failing all over or a revolution? One bowling alley, nine answers.


Organized by Gabi Veit & Anja Eichler
7th – 9th march 2013
vernissage: thursday, 7th march, 11 h

opening: 11–17 h
Theresa Restaurant
Theresienstraße 29


Réka Lorincz and Flora Vági:Schmuck you!

Flora Vagi

Flora Vagi

We invite you to walk on the fine rope we stretched between two seemingly very different worlds of objects. Our escape from reality, nowadays society, into a fantasy world of colorful toys and plastic, imaginary flowers of a garden carved of wood…
Walk and when you get to the middle you will find that there is a peaceful balance and a light pulsation. Like breathing, smiling, sighing…it will all come natural.

Réka Lorincz

Réka Lorincz

Opening on Thursday 7th March 2013 at 17 h
Visiting hours:
8.-16.March, 12-18 h
Galerie Biro Junior
Luisenstr. 66 / Ecke Schellingstr

Galerie Spektrum
Theresienstraße 46 D
will show
Mia Maljojoki
Life is juicy – How fragile is your day #4 2013

Porcelain, like skin, begins as a soft, moist, and pliable substance. It can easily be stretched, pushed, folded, scratched, torn, or re-­‐bonded to itself. When the desired series of actions has been applied, one dries it out and fires the leathery material at temperatures up to 1400c˚. Similar to the way time, experience, and emotion affect our bodies, this process, permanently changes the material composition leaving the porcelain hardened, durable, and stiff.

Mia Maljokoki, necklace

Mia Maljokoki, necklace


The resulting works are flexible synthetic bands with accents of bright colors contrasted by hardened
organic-­‐shaped porcelain intestines.

What is juicy will be fragile.

opening reception at Friday, 8th of March from 18.00 until 21.00h.

A catalogue with 16 pages & 13 colour pictures and a text from Mia Maljojoki is published on occasion of the exhibition.
Price: 4,50€

Hours during Schmuck fair:
8. March opening 18.00 – 21.00 h
9. March 11.00 – 14.00h
10. March 13.00 – 18.00h
March 13.00 – 18.00h

Silber-Sommer-Galerie 2013: „Zu Tisch“
Tableware – Contemporary positions


The table, as an image of community, has become an important place for communication, calm and togetherness. Special utensils are used at this “place”, which are at once tools and symbols. Through their presented works, the young designers question everyday gestures and make the rituals and habits around the table something we can see and experience. In this way they create innovative objects, which mirror the unique identity of their users.

Organized and curated by Alessandra Pizzini the The exhibit „Zu Tisch“ – „dinner is served“ will be accompanied on Sunday, March 10., 2013 by the
Business Forum
 „One-of- a-kind objects and mass products“

The desire for objects that express one’s own unique identity is increasingly felt in our society. Design and art objects have become important status symbols.
In four lectures we will ask ourselves how an object reaches its owner. What is the difference between a one-of-a-kind object and a mass-product? Which objects are suitable for mass-production and which objects live from their properties of uniqueness? How do possible collaborations form? These and many other themes will be discussed in the four lectures at the business forum.

10:00 a.m. – Copyright lawyer, Markus Mainx, Meissner Bolte Partner GbR Nürnberg will illuminate various property rights from the perspective of a legal practitioner.
14:00 p.m. – Leo Caballero, Klimt02: Networking, Communication & Visibility or how to spread our work in the age of the Internet
16:00 p.m. – Professor Kilian Stauss, stauss grillmeier partnerschaft München, will speak about design and art as well as building cooperation
17:00 p.m. – Simone ten Hompel, London, Metropolitan University will hold a discussion with chosen participants of the exhibit.




Schmuck 2012 will begin tomorrow and it is bigger than ever. This year it is really difficult even to read through the whole programme.

Alchimia teachers, graduates and students are taking part in it, I will try to list them all and hope not to forget anyone.

Lets start with the most important event, the Schmuck and Talente show at the IHM fair:

SungHo Cho and Margherita de Martino were selected for Schmuck, for both of them it is the first time.

Aline Battegay and Melissa Arias were selected for the Talente Prize show also at the IHM fair.

ABECEDARIUM the new book of Peter Bauhuis will be presented at 11a.m.  Introduction by Liesbeth den Besten, Galerie Handwerk, Max- Joseph-Str. 4

Ruudt Peters – Corpus,  Galerie Spektrum
Theresienstr.46, vernissage Friday at 6 p.m.

Ädellab – The State of Things. Konstfack Stockholm. Schmuck.
Pinakotek der Moderne at 7p.m. Barerstr. 40 ,
Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele is part of this exhibit.

KL!NK from Norway, with Silje Bergsvik among the Norvegian artists
Sonnenstr. 22, 2nd floor,

8together! with Michelle Kraemer and Katie Gruber and six other artists from Vienna
Galerie GestalterBund, Holzstr. 22,

Suspended, curated by Laura Bradshaw with  Luz Arias,  Andrea Coderch,
Michelle Kraemer, Margherita de Martino Norante, Geraldine Nishi,
Anna Helena Van De Pol de Deus. and many others at Studio Gabi Green, Gollierstr.17,

of course there are innumerable other exhibitions and events which you find listed in Klimt and on the official IHM web-site.

Have a good time in Munich and Good luck to all.



The goal of this contest is to promote amber as a source of artistic expression. The aim of the competition is the design of an original piece 
of artistic jewellery or applied art with amber, inspired by the topic of the contest. The competitors are allowed to use all other materials 
provided that amber plays the essential role.

The competition is open to all designers, artists, creators and craftspeople, designer and manufacturing teams are allowed,
presentations shall be submitted in the form of a single 30 x 30 cm chart (2-D) with the design produced in any graphic technique 
or a photograph of a ready prototype or model are accepted.

Deadline for entries expires on the 10 February 2012

Prizes to be awarded:
–  The Mayor of the City of Gdańsk Prize: PLN 10,000 exchange rate approx. 4.4  PLN / 1EUR
–  The Amber Prize of the International Amber Association : 2 kg of amber
–  The Silver Prize: 1 kg of silver

Exhibition of the winning designs and other entries qualified by the Jury will be during AMBERIF 2012, 
       the 19th International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones between 21 and  23 March 2012 in Gdańsk, Poland.

Contact us please for entry forms and any further details.

Competition Office – ,

tel.: + 48 58 55 49 134, fax: + 48 58 5549 207