Alchimia: Awards 2016

Dear jewellery lovers,

this is the time of the year in which we proudly share with you some of the achievements of our incredible roster of students and recent graduates.

Enjoy the list, but do remember that much more is there, even if not necessarily recognized or acknowledged by institutional structures (go go students!).

x alchimia


Brunella Alfinito just finished a very special experience. Through an exchange program she participated in the Spring 2016 MFA semester of the MassArt (Massachusetts College of Art and Design) in the 3D department, presenting for the first time to a public her new “performance jewellery” series.

While there she was teaching Assistant of professor Heather White in her Intermediate jewellery course and she also engaged in an internship at EMBR Labs (MIT) with the “Wristify project” In her words: “I had to design a new wearable technology that recreates the relief you get when you warm your hands by the fireplace in the winter, or when you refresh with an ice cube on your skin in the summer. After some tests on my body and a research about the already existing technology at hand, I designed different types of jewellery and headphones, thinking on a variety of possible shapes and materials”.


LenaGrabher, DIPLOPIA2, 2015, fresnellenssheet,silver,copper,steel

Lena Grabher wins the fifth Eligius Award for Body Jewelry and Jewelry Objects awarded by the federal State of Salzburg (with 7000€!). The jury was impressed by “the young, innovative and consequent manner, with which the artist addresses basic questions concerning the meaning of jewellery in the volatile interaction of the object, body, space and viewer analyses and develops. On one hand she examines the aesthetic possibilities of ordinary materials, on the other hand the creative use of precise technique. In the series DIPLOPIA she develops the concept of a ,double vision´ though the calculated use of optical lenses, mirror constellations and light. The result is a synthesis of the body, jewellery and space, which offers an unexpected visual experience to the viewer.” (…)


Daria Olejniczak, Crimson Rustle, 2014, Brooch, silver, parchment, silk thread, stainless steel

Daria Olejniczak wins the Premio Torre Fornello in the students section and gets to participate to Joya in Barcelona with Rustle.

Rustle is a collection created from parchment (animal skin), which captivates by its unpredictability, resistance and lightness. Necklaces, bracelets and brooches consist of multiple same-shaped and hand-dyed round pieces, which sewn together, become nests of soft and subtle sounds. The vibrant colours of the pieces are striking, yet it is the rustle they create, which can be constantly perceived while wearing them.


Exhibition view at Design Basel Miami

Lavinia Rossetti officially enters the roster of artists represented by Caroline Van Hoek gallery in Bruxelles. With her graduating collection Madelaine she participates in the gallery’s booth at Design Basel Miami. Madeleine is a series of highly poetic and nostalgic works, referring to the famous French dessert that Marcel Proust uses as a metaphor for the notion of involuntary memory in À la recherche du temps perdu. Brooches and necklaces are characterized by the recurrence of the oval shape, direct reference to the traditional technique of inlaid wood and to the pendants containing images of beloved ones in vogue since the XVIII century. Within a strong and wide sense of openness of meanings and subjective takes to the pieces, Madeleine becomes a metaphor of the layered and impermanent substance of our memory and how this is shaped through the proximity to the body, the mind and the heart.


Federica Sala, Controlled Freedom, part of the series True Lies, 2015. Neckpiece, glass, egirina. Photo by Federico Cavicchioli.

Federica Sala has achieved an exceptional success with her MFA collection True Lies, including a solo-show in Munich last year and more recently the prestigious Marzee graduation award. In this series glass and stones come together in an innovative dialogue result of a long research developed on the island of Murano, with a strong relationship to local crafters. These works encourage a reflection on the inextricable co-dependence between opposite forces and forms, and on the limits of our visual and intellectual perception. Seemingly impossible structures that emphasize how much what we intuitively call reality is a fragile, hybrid and complex system, despite the appearances.


Giulia Savino with Paris, part of the series 1:20.000

Giulia Savino has participated in an abundance of trans-disciplinary shows and became an active player in the cultural landscape of Turin. She opened a new and running studio for short and intensive jewellery courses that you can know about by following her constantly updated facebook page. She is continuing to expand her graduation project 1:20,000 presenting necklaces and earrings that respond to very contemporary travellers’ needs: seducing and light objects, bearing a featherweight, taking up very little space and adaptable to different contexts . These works represent personal interpretations of cities from above or known only through maps such as Amsterdam, Florence, Paris , Barcelona, Cairo and her native Vercelli among the others.


Exhibition view at the Centro Cultural Scuola Italiana of Santiago, 2016

Maria Ignacia Walker brings her collection Trascendieron realized during her MFA at Alchimia to Chile in an exhibition titled at the Centro Cultural Scuola Italiana of Santiago. Trascendieron is conceived as a tribute to the silent and trivial losses that we inadvertently witness every day. Hair are caught in forms of gold and porcelain in a collection that encourages a reflection on the Western impulse to collect and preserve, bringing both of these aspects to their extreme. Hairs are counted, measured, analyzed and meticulously preserved as if they were rare and precious materials, in an ironic and poetic act that questions the parameters used to quantify the value of things.






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