Lina Gorbach, The space between two, object, 2016, plexiglass, Abiona Esther Ojo

Lina Gorbach- The space between two, object, plexiglass, 2016, photo by Abiona Esther Ojo


Opening Friday July 15, from 7:30 – 10pm

July 16 and 17 open from 6-8pm

Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School

Piazza Piattellina 3r


An exhibition with jewellery by: Irene Belfi, Lina Gorbach, Bonnie Hsu, Anna Hui, Vanessa Karla, Marisa Leenutaphong, Margaret Munchheimer, Eleonora Natali, Clara Nguyen, Daria Olejniczak, Yanis Turcarelli, Ziwei Yi and Ziji Zhang


Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School is happy to present Unveiled, a group exhibition opening at its premises on Friday July 15, 2016.

In a dramatic yet playful setting, draping the school’s characteristic renaissance features into a muted white cube space, the exhibition showcases the work of 13 international graduates of Alchimia’s 2nd year BFA program.

The artistic endeavors presented here are extremely varied in technique and form, yet certain conceptual threads can be found. Narratives dealing with memory, secrets and storytelling speak in the work of Bonnie Hsu, Marisa Leenutaphong, Margaret Munchheimer, Ziwei Yi, and Zhang Ziji; while Clara Nguyen and Daria Olejniczak weave in reflections on societal issues; whereas Anna Hui, Eleonora Natali, and Yanis Turcarelli attempt to manifest records of emotional events.

An inquiry into the interaction of form and the sensory experience constitute the basis of work by Irene Belfi and Lina Gorbach, while Vanessa Karla conducts experiments in materiality, with food as her primary element.

During the opening night food, drinks and music will be served, in cathartic celebration of the end of a successful and passionate year.


Marisa Leenutaphong , Untitled, 2016, 18kt gold, 9 kt gold, 925 silver, plastic

Margaret Munchheimer, support group, 2016, necklace, brooches, steel, silver, cement, resin, leather, sound

Margaret Munchheimer, Support group, 2016, Necklace, brooches, steel, silver, cement, resin, leather, sound

Eleonora_Natali 1

Eleonora Natali, Trapped, 2016, Necklace, Iron, plexiglass, silver


Daria Olejniczak, from series Bodies, 2016, Pendant, magazine paper, silver, cotton ribbon. Photo by Prisca Tozzi


Irene Belfi, Con-tatto 8, 2016, Object / bracelet, pumice stone, cherry wood


Clara Nguyen, Squawk squawk!, 2016, body piece, potato chip bags, thread. Photo by Prisca Tozzi


Bonnie Hsu, Rustic dance of breeze, 2016, brooch, maple wood, cotton fabric, thread, brass. Photo by Federico Cavicchioli


Yanis Turcarelli, Chrysalis, 2016, bracelets, copper


Anna Hui, No.16, Neck Piece, from π,  brass


Ziwei Yi, The Memoir of Tata, 2016, Necklace, steel, iron,18k gold, linen, cotton, thread. Photo by Federico Cavicchioli


Ziji Zhang, Do you feel power?, 2016, Brooch, wood,silver,steel, photo by Diana Pantea


Vanessa Karla, (Un)controlled, 2016, Collar, rice paper, sepia ink, iron, fabric, photo by Vanessa Karla

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