Mixed Metals: a workshop with Patrick Davison

Dates: 19 to 23 July 2016
30 hours
Cost: 700 euro + 22% VAT
Deadline for enrollment: June 13, 2016

This workshop, led by British jewelry artist Patrick Davison, will be focused on a variety of mixed metal processes. The different methods will involve working with wire, sheet and tube. Participants will explore the diverse ways in which mixed metal work can be approached, including soldering and fusing.

An introduction to working with wire will start the course. Techniques including twisting and weaving will be covered, each revealing a different pattern and texture depending on which technique is used. Each individual process will be taught in great detail, highlighting the rich effects that can be gained by applying quite simple changes to each approach.

The techniques participants will engage with are different to the well-known process of Mokume Gane. In fact, the course focus lies in constructing a material, allowing its structure, naturally created during its making, to be integral to the final pattern. Mokume Gane will also be discussed but with the intention to find new approaches to working with it.

Understanding solder alloys will be very important for some of the techniques, so an introduction to making solder will be an important part of the course. It is essential for some of the other techniques the course deals with, to make or own solder wire – anyway  a useful skill both to save time and money in the workshop. Participants will look at each of the results from different approaches, acquiring the capacity to design with mixed metals, and the knowledge on the mechanical properties of the materials and the aesthetic challenges they pose.

Finally, each student will be able to generate a great understanding of a range of techniques, with a steady focus during the last days to make a piece of jewellery. Knowledge of forming and finishing will be covered, resulting in a firm foundation of mixed metal working skills.

Patrick Davison studied at the Glasgow School of Art and at Alchimia Jewellery School in Florence with the tutorship of Ruudt Peters. Patrick was awarded a silver medal at the 2010 Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship and Design Awards.


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