A visual account of Unbearable Lightness

What can we say, words are not exhaustive to describe how incredibly excited we are to share with you the pride about “Unbearable Lightness”, a solo-show of our recent MFA graduate Federica Sala in Munich, featuring her MFA collection. The exhibition was mentioned in the prestigious Art Jewellery Forum as one of the ten best presentations in the Munich Jewellery Week this year, and one of her pieces as one of the ten artworks that make the heart of experts skip beat.

In the Jury’s words:

“Fragility and strength are the main concepts of Federica Sala’s Unbearable Lightness collection. She creates necklaces that are extremely fragile, but at the same time pushes the limits of the material, as the combination of glass penetrated by stones gives us a poetic vision of the boundaries of jewelry. There are a very few pieces that blow your mind, that make your eyes sparkle, or give you so many different feelings and emotions that you can’t explain with words, because they are transcending our self-awareness: This is what I felt when I saw Federica’s necklace.”

Paulo Ribeiro, director and founder of Joya Barcelona Jewellery Fair.

“The Kunstgiesserei [art foundry] is one of my favorite venues in Munich and I have seen a couple of fantastic shows in this rough and powerful environment. Seeing Federica Sala’s show there makes one almost feel that she has been making pieces for this room—or like the room was built for her work. The necklaces and rings are made of glass and the light bubbles seem to be floating in the room. The contrast between the fragile glass and the stones set into the pieces is emphasized by the space, a contrast further hinted at by the exhibition title: Unbearable Lightness.”

Karin Roy Andersson, jewelry artist, manager of Four, and part of team Diagonal in Sweden.

Enjoy the visual ride.





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