By the start of every year…

…we all question what the new year will be like.

Some take positions, manufacturing proposals for what they would like to happen. And then wishes, dreams, those things we call personal secrets, come to life. We carry them with us like a jewel, a precious talisman. It’s not even that important if they will ever come true. I believe that by naming them, things become real.

Lilian Mattuschka

This series of images has been commissioned to Lilian by the Alchimia Blog as an omen to the new year.

Lilian Mattuschka is a jewelry artist based in Florence, where she is attending the Alchimia MFA Program in body ornament and jewelry design, tutored by Lucy Sarneel.
She is part of Il Gatta Rossa, a multidisciplinary artist collective active in Florence since 2014.



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