Haunt the Wax

A workshop with Ulo Florack

part of the Alchimia BFA program

Ulo Florack is a German jewelry artist and painter known for his sculptural jewelry pieces populated by wildly fantastical creatures. His work is an on-going storyboard boldly weaving together literary fairytales and horror movies. Jewels become miniature sculptures in gold and enamel, while paintings act as stage and scenography to jewelry’s fantastical adventures. This is what we can officially read about him – what is less known is his obsession with wax, water and trial bikes. In fact his self-ruling approach to painting and sculpture is influenced by his multi-disciplinary passions and life-style as an artist, swimmer and trial-biker, with the direct advantage of zooming into his playground from different positions.

art_aint_uloflorack_oshih_Smashed investment on the wall_ detail_600x800pxart_aint_uloflorack_oshih_SMASHED INVESTMENT ON THE WALL_1_600x800px_8100b_5858b_5848b

He was trained as a dental technician, learning about the technical possibilities of wax. His fervid imagination forced him to jump out of the world of teeth, to embrace the artistic one by studying at the Munich Academy of Arts, starting with the jewellery class of Hermann Junger, to then study painting with Jorg Immendorf and Hermann Nitsch.

In Ulo’s own words: “All that fabulous time spent at the Academy in Munich was necessary to find out what could be interesting or possible, and nearly every discussion with my teachers has been more than a fight. In a way you lose the ground you’ve been dancing on, but after a while (in my case more than five semesters) you come back with more confidence and try even harder to succeed with your artwork. The moment you are right on your own track you must follow your own imagination no matter what might happen.









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