At the Entering of the New Year

Dear readers,

while we hope that your year started wonderfully, we acknowledge that it has certainly not begun peacefully around the world. From our privileged position one contribution we propound is continuing to build and imagine reasons to be curious about this world, and fall in love with it over and over again. Passion and the desire to learn and enhance ourselves will continue to be the driving force of our school, and our work.

First of all we are excited to finally present Alchimia’s brand new website, designed by our brilliant graphic designer Curt Baldwin – check out our new interface, images and words by clicking here. Be sure not to miss the alumni page, to taste what Alchimists around the world have been developing in recent years.

Schermata 2016-01-08 alle 16.42.23

As some of you already know, in September 2015 Alchimia has changed its three year BFA into a two year program articulated in three modules of 14 weeks. In the new program all the areas of study have been concentrated in workshops and seminars instead of a steady timetable with different subjects during the week. In our new pedagogical scheme, every three months we organize a moment of revision where all students and staff meet to discuss and critique the current status and development of work, and highlight new challenges, aims and wishes. As peculiarly attentive on each individual as we are, we believe that this programmatic and collective encounter and discussion is paramount for our work. In our own terms, it has been a radical change, in which all Alchimia members, from administration, via faculty to alumni, have been involved. The first outcome has been precious, and that is why we are eager to share with you some snapshots, via faces, of what this meant.

Enjoy, and…a happy new year to all!



photos by Daria Borovkova










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