The Alchimia BFA2 presents: Material and Rules

The students of the second year of Alchimia’s BFA  are  presenting  their November project,  a five day workshop with Doris Maninger assisted by Sana Khalil, dealing with definition – order – category.
How do we handle materials, what is their known and usual use, how can their qualities be defined, were some of  the arguments the students had to approach during these five intensive days.
The workshop also looked on the importance of play and investigation before final decision making, first utmost freedom in order to be open to surprise and then absolute respect for self-imposed rules.

We worked with a quite substantial number of materials, ordered and categorised them and handled them in ways we had never done. Rice, cellophane, leather, plastic, foam, tin, thread, paper, fabric, sponge were some of the materials we treated and the outcomes were often surprising.
Finding rules to follow for the final piece was quite hard but it allowed us to focus better and helped to take decisions.


The second year BFA is: Anna Hui, Bonnie Hsu, Clara Nguyen, Daria Olejniczak, Eleonora Natali, Irene Belfi, Lina Gorbach, Margaret Munchheimer, Marisa Leenutaphong, Vanessa Karla, Yanis Turcarelli, Zac Zhang, Ziwei Yi.












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