The Alchimia BFA2 presents The Mokka Project

The students of the second year of Alchimia’s BFA are proud to present the MOKKA PROJECT, a response to a workshop with Lucia Massei reflecting on the creative potential lying in the destruction and recomposition of objects particularly when made out of a material that is difficult to weld like aluminum. Pass by Piazza Piattellina and admire their imaginative and humorous outcome, what they define as the destruction of the quintessential symbol of Italy (yes it’s a stereotype, we’ve already told them that). All displayed under the context of a continual coffee break for two.. complete with balloons.

We all disassembled and dissected our own machine, and burned it, melted it, hammered, sliced, sawed and sewed to produce something entirely new; with one directive: it must be beautiful (in the multitude of personal ways this definition might be found), and it must not be recognizable in its original function.

Our individual approaches vary widely, as some chose to destroy completely what others chose to showcase; some pieces focus entirely on one key element, while others leave as many pieces as possible intact, simply reassembling them to form another object.

The second year BFA is: Anna Hui, Bonnie Hsu, Clara Nguyen, Daria Olejniczak, Eleonora Natali, Irene Belfi, Lina Gorbach, Margaret Munchheimer, Marisa Leenutaphong, Vanessa Karla, Yanis Turcarelli, Zac Zhang, Ziwei Yi.


All photos by Lilian Mattuschka



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