Upcoming Weekend Courses

December 2015

Exploring pigments and gold leaf on metal surfaces


Teacher: Lucia Massei

Date: 4-5-6 December 2015
Cost: 400 € + VAT Tax

Introduction to colours/pigments and demonstration of various colouring techniques on metal: hot acrylics, pigments and their application, resins, (mixed media), chemical thinners and adhesives. rolling mill stamping, flame gilding.

Realization of one or more coloured jewels using silver/copper/brass

Gold leaf , silver leaf, pigments, acrylics and non-precious metals  are supplied by the school .

Each student should  bring his own personal tools.

Preview jewellery making experience is required.


November 2015

Transparent Jewels: Working with Plexiglass, colors and resins


Teacher: Marzia Rossi

Date: 13-14-15 November 2015
Cost: 350 € + VAT Tax

Plexiglass is the most transparent material that you can find, it’s easy to buy it opaque and in different colors, but in this course we start from its extraordinary, amazing transparency. We will experiment different ways to treat the surface, drawing, dig, obtain a volume, cut, bend a shape. We will apply color in shades and strong lines.

The first part starts with a short presentation of materials in use during the course (Plexiglass, resin glues, colors) with characteristics and main differences.

The course continues by cutting many shapes in different thicknesses, sperimenting surface treatments; create texture or drawings, impress decorative elements by heating, apply colors. Create volumes by gluing several layers or bending by heat a shape, incorporate resin or metal elements, experiment with resin and Plaxiglass the process of bending a shape by heat.

Choose at the end one or more try outs and transforme them in a piece of jewel.

This course is for both beginners and those who already have experience in jewellery making.

Tools and non-precious materials as well as handouts on the course are supplied by the school.


Creating Jewellery in Resin: Free Experimentation with Cast Epoxy Resin


Teacher: Yoko Shimizu

Date: 6-7-8 November 2015
Cost: 350€ + VAT Tax

In this course students will learn to work with epoxy resin and will be able to experience the multiple possibilities of this material. The focus of the course will be on the use of resin in combination with metal, the casting (silicon molds), the incorporation of diverse materials (paper, wood, colour, sand..) during the polimerization process,
the possibilities of surface effects and finishings

Tools and non-precious materials as well as handouts on the course are supplied by the school

Nunome Zogane: Antique Japanese Inlay Technique


Teacher: Elisa Deval

Date: 13-14-15 November 2015
Cost: 400€+ VAT Tax

Creation of the base texture on metal using Mekiri-Tagane
Execution of a silver (or gold) inlay on the metal sheet based on ones individual design.
Polishing of the metal sheet with sand paper and stone.
Introduction to the use of the Rokusho coloring technique.

Tools and non-precious materials as well as handouts on the course are supplied by the school

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