Japanese Traditional

Sensei Kimiaki Kageyama back to Alchimia

Kimiaki Kageyama one of the most important Japanese master goldsmiths will introduce Japanese copper alloys and their colouring.

Date: July 20 to July 25 2015
Cost: 850€ + VAT 22%

This years program includes:

1. How to make the copper alloy
2. How to color the copper alloy
3.How to make engraving tools and inlay tools


Sensei Kageyama at work in Alchimia summer 2014

Sensei Kageyama at work in Alchimia summer 2014

In Japan coloring metals has been experimented since the 4th-5th century. Direct colouring began during the Heian period (794-1185) but is during the Muromachi period that the development of copper alloys suitable for colouring flourished.

foto 3

During the course the alloys will be produced in traditional and students can select different alloys suitable to their personal projects. Special technical issues and tools will be introduced during various stages of the working process.




Special focus will be set on finishings, as polishing with particular charcoals and colouring.

Kimiaki Kageyama, two brooches

Kimiaki Kageyama, two brooches


Sensei Kageyama with his students summer 2014

Sensei Kageyama with his students summer 2014



  1. This interests me as i alloy my own gold so it would be interesting to learn more about copper.I have become a bench jeweler and understand the makings of gold and silver jewelry. i do design and have made many objects in gold.I take c lasses atthe 92nd st.y in New york city for several years.I am a jewelry historian and givetalks on the History of Jewelry at librariies and various organizations. I would like totake your class this summer if i canwork things out to come to florence and spend a week withyou.
    paulne ungar pjulny@aol.com I am a senior citizen also .I started making jewelry about 10 years ago as a hobbyand now it has become a very small business also.I also sold antique jewelry and lived in paris for 4 years.I speak french,spanish and german but no japanese so I assume you speak English.

    • Dear Pauline, I am so sorry but your comment got lost and I found it only right now. Please accept my apology and maybe you will be able to come to Florence another summer.

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