Change of Scale by Chumeng Weng and Lumy Nouguez

One time during the school year the master  and third year BFA students are asked to make an installation in the Alchimia window or corridor in relation to their work in jewellery. It is not an easy but a very stimulating and inspiring task, to change the scale of work taking into consideration a space, the use of it, its restriction and its possibilities.

Window installatin by Chumeng Weng


“Food, art and music are three universal languages when words fail. I used rice to tell the story since it is one of the most fundamental things related to Chinese culture. Stories of our origins that make us proud of who we are evolve around it. It is the most common agricultural product that feed 1.3 billon people for almost three times a day. It is also one of the few things I miss a lot when living in Florence. Even though they’ve got a great deal of selection on rice it never tastes the same.”


“In this makeshift ‘dining room’, I’m evoking a sense of nostalgia while juggling with a new lifestyle. It is a somewhat alienating and lonely process to get used to everything however I’m feeling quite comfortable since there are still pieces of old me from home that remain intact. Let alone the excitement of living and studying in a foreign country, miscellaneous fine tuning awaits. Adjustments as tiny as jet lacks to bigger challenges such as learning another language take time and efforts. Everybody has their own interpretation for the changes, I’m just lucky to get a window and share my feelings with the others.”

Corridor installation by Lumy Nouguez


“Darkness, light, shadows, colors, textures, heights can completely transform the perception we have from a place we already know. With this installation I wanted to create an opposite sensation of this white, simple, high and illuminated corridor for a mysterious, heavy, creepy and dark environment, which was a challenge for me because I was going against all I would usually design.”


“The process of my project now is about working on things that I have never worked on before, not thinking too much, letting it go and learning how to go out of the comfort zone. This process gets me to discover things that I did not know of myself or that I didn’t know I would be capable of doing.  I decided to just let go and keep experimenting with this weird, creepy and unknown path and see where it will take me.”


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