Hook and Thread

Course in textile techniques in metal
Date: from Friday 30.January to Sunday 1.February


It is amazing how many things can be made with just a hook and a thread.

Daina Taimina, hyperbolic planes

Daina Taimina, hyperbolic planes

Daina Taimina is a mathematician and she uses the art of crochet to create a strong, durable model of hyperbolic planes.

In the weekend course at Alchimia we will use crochet to create beautiful, light, and stunning jewelry.

doris maninger, necklace, detail, iron and silver

doris maninger, necklace, detail, iron and silver

The course will start on Friday 30.January and will end on Sunday 1.February. 15 hours of experimenting with a hook and all types of different metal thread.
The course will be taught by Doris Maninger, director of Alchimia who has been working with textile for more than 30 years.

Doris Maninger with her loom, about 20 years ago

Doris Maninger with her loom, about 20 years ago

“The amazing thing about working with thread is on the one hand that you need almost no tools (proved wrong when we look at the picture above) and that the work is in a way never ending.”
It can be continuously changed, it is an endless work in progress.

Doris Maninger, necklace, Ephemeral falling

Doris Maninger, necklace, Ephemeral falling, electroformed silver, iron wire

In the course we will learn the basic stitches of crochet with different metal wires: from iron to copper, silver and also brass
working with metal is very different from yarn, on the one hand it is easier, you cannot lose loops on the other hand it is much harder being metal not as soft as yarn.

brooch, copper

Doris Maninger, exercise brooch, copper

We will also work on finishings and inserts of other materials and I will try to make everybody understand the enormous variety of application this technique offers.

Immagine 1

Doris Maninger, necklace detail, iron, silver


“It is a work which not everybody might like doing”, Maninger says, “it needs a lot of patience and focus, but if you start it and like it then it will open up worlds for you.”

Arline Fish, creatures of the Deep, coated copper wire, crochet

Arline Fish, creatures of the Deep, coated copper wire, crochet

Doris Maninger has been working with textile since the 1970ies, sawing, weaving embroidery in yarns and later on also in metal.
“Metal wire is very specific it needs different treatments and working methods than textile threads. Almost every textile technique can be carried out in metal wire but one must know the tricks to do it well. There are lots of books about the subject and the best one is surely “Textile Techniques in Metal” by Arline Fish. When I started to work in metal, I bought the book and tried by myself. I succeeded quite well, but the work did not have the quality I was striving for. It was not unless I started doing workshops with Arline Fish, (she was a wonderful teacher) that I really understood metal wire and how to approach it.”

Immagine 10

Doris Maninger, detail of necklace, different stitches in hollow forms iron, silver


Works in metal wire are very seductive, with wonderful movement in chains and necklaces, there is something mysterious and luscious in their substance.


object in iron with different inserts, work in progress

My preferred material is iron, its color and its strength give me the possibilities to make also big sculptural objects, but I work also a lot with silver.


Doris Maninger, ephemeral series, electroformed silver, iron wire


“I think this course will bring benefit also to those who already work with metal wire because my vast experience and my love and passion for this craft can give a lot of new inputs and outlooks”

Doris Maninger



Doris Maninger, exercise necklace, copper, fine silver, iron






  1. Rosa Alba said:


    • El curso sedicta en la escuela Alchimia en Florencia y cuesta 350,00€ + tasas 22%

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