Talente and Schmuck 2015

Congratulations to our students and former students that have been accepted in Talente and Schmuck for this year!!!

Great year 2015 to come !

Pride, Happiness, excitements, confidence, were reining on

Carla Movia, Amani Bou Dargham, Koen Jacobs and Yuki Sumiya
when receiving the news

Let us introduce you to their works.


Yuki Sumiya (selected for Schmuck) with her “GARDEN ” series


Experimenting with the ideal relationship between man and nature.


“I see this, in the synthesis of the natural and man-made in a beautiful garden,
where the gardeners have thinned out the cedar trees,
erected fences incorporating the original trees,
and also sown lawns interspersed with concrete surfaces,
the perfect balance that can be achieved between nature and human intervention moves me.
I want to ask, “How can we, man and nature, co-exist?””



Carla Movia (selected for Schmuck) with her series “APERTO”

In process of transformation.




“The commemoration of a secret that only through a rite can be revealed.
Lighting up a candle in order to discover the unknown,
celebrating the wait more than the final result.
Then, it’s only through the act of wearing that the jewel gains its complete freedom.”








Koen Jacobs (selected for Talente) with his series “DESTROYED BEAUTY”

Exploring the relationship between two worlds the upper and underworld.
“For me these worlds are not necessarily black and white, good and bad or life and death.
It can also be the reverse, with the upper world being hell and the underworld heaven.”
Afbeelding 2
“In many mythologies the tree is seen as the symbolic connection between the two worlds.
It takes CO2 from the air and gives oxygen back to the earth so we can breath.
Cutting down a tree will stop this system. It will fall down, break in parts and give way for new life.
For this reason, I used the tree as symbol for the never-ending circle of life and death, of creation and destruction.”
“During the creative process I was experimenting how to express this relationship through two materials,
ebony wood and resin and how to let them become one. I found the answer in the circle of creation and destruction”
Afbeelding 1b
Amani Bou Dargham (selected for Talente) with her sires “WHAT REMAINS?”
“what remains?” is a reflection about the self we create and we communicate to others.


Amani Bou Dargham 2-low


“We face the deepest emotions that are hidden away,
they slip through our hands and through our head.
They present themselves as a truth.
A truth that the eyes did not want to see nor the mind to think of.
A truth that reveals all the hidden remains and presents them as a reminder of your essence.
You are a carrier.
You are the carried.
You construct the link in between.”

Amani Bou Dargham 5-low


The steel hooks that are forged around my body are the carrier of an ‘ephemeral’ object.
They are shaped around it and exist only because of it.
However the hooks are ever lasting while the source disappears.
One will remain with an empty steel rod to carry as a reminder of what was inside it.


Congratulations to everyone and we will meet you in Munich in March !!!



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