MAD for LOOT by Federica Sala



LOOT 2014. MAD Museum – New York 

Opening night


October 4, 2014, New York.
My first time in the big apple and I really can’t see anything except the Museum of Arts & Design. I’m terribly excited and frightened at the same time: I have to show my work inside that amazing building at Loot!Mad about jewellery, the annual selling exhibition curated by Bryna Pomp and Michelle Cohen.

Everything has been planned perfectly: day of sending pieces, day of arrival of the designers at the museum, day of the party, day of the setting, day of the press preview and day of the opening. I just have to follow that schedule and everything will go as it should.

I cannot keep the worries out of my mind: I will be there, with my work, looking at people that will watch my pieces. Some will stop, someone will pass through; someone will like it and someone not. It’s stressing! But the surrounding is amazing: in such a small space there are 50 different artists from 25 different countries and It’s fun to meet them, to know them and their work and exchange experiences and opinions. We give suggestions each other, It’s a kind of group critique. And the curators are supervising our work, trying our pieces to choose what to wear in order to show our work around New York for a week.

The opening was just unbelievable: so many people…I did not manage to stop speaking, explaining my work. And it’s such a satisfaction to see this big interest! I did not realize time was flying and I found myself at 10 pm, totally exhausted, but incredible happy for having experienced this.
The exhibition lasted a week during which I spent every day at the museum, ready to explain my work to whoever was going to ask me about it.

It’s incredible how many people you have the opportunity to meet in just few days.
And It’s incredible how many working opportunities this creates.

I have been interviewed by gallerists and journalists and I think this was just great!

On the last day we all were tired and sad about leaving the Museum and New York, and it felt that all the efforts had been worth while.
Each one of us had brought at least 50 pieces.
Each one of us came and lived in NY for ten days.

Each one of us, I’m sure, left with the wish of coming back again next year.



Federica Sala is a Milan based Alchimia Master student.
Her collection of glass and silver jewellery has been highly appreciated at the New York event.








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