Alchimia Fall Installations

lilian mattuschka untitled

lilian mattuschka
‘lasciar andare’


As every year in this period our window and corridor installations are starting.
It is very important that students can work in big spaces once in a while.
Jewellery is a small size medium, even if as jewellery it might be very big sometimes. But compared to other arts the size is still reduced.
On the long run this issue can become frustrating and can also inhibit creativity, but most of all the switch of scale is an important didactic tool.
Scale needs to be felt, the space on the body and the space in a room need to be understood in a very physical way.
For this reason the task to work with a big space is extremely helpful.

The first two students who had to work with these big spaces, transporting their personal issues and concepts into these spaces were:
Marissa Ryan – corridor
Lilian Mattuschka – window.

Sugar packets-during 1

Marrissa Ryan preparng her installation

Sugar packets-during2

500 sugar packs to weave into a painted ceiling is a really demanding task and Marissa worked for about 48 hours straight.

Sugar packs-Chumeng

She had some help from fellow students and friends but mostly the task was hers and we closed her into school from 4 in the afternoon until 8 in the morning.

Sugar packs-done-under

‘Weight’ installation by Marissa Racht

Is an installation about the toll that tourism takes on the body of the city.  Like the effects that the sweet goodness and pleasure of refined sugar takes on own bodies when not consumed in moderation, the weight of tourism does the same to cultural heritage and the fragile bone structure of ancient cities when over indulged.

Sugar packs-done2

Sugar packs-done2

In the window there is the installation of Lilian Mattuschka, titled ‘lasciar andare’ which means ‘letting go’.


around 200 items of her daily life closed in a vacuum pack, as we normally preserve ham or sausages.


Hanging like in a butcher’s shop. What does she want to tell us with this very antiseptic atmosphere,
in-between morgue and freezer.


And the title -letting go-  ?
Maybe the meaning is that only by  conserving and putting in order our surrounding and probably also our mind,
we can let go of things and start a new.
Making order as a kind of zen ritual to be able to live our life.
The conservation of moments in an absolutely antiseptic environment.
So memory cannot deteriorate.



Obsession as a ritual of letting go, extreme conservation in order to fall free.
Once stored well, knowing to have stored well, we can finally forget.

lilian mattuschka untitled

lilian mattuschka


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