The European Triennial for Contemporary Jewellery


Of course you are all invited to come to Mons in Belgium, where this Triennial is starting on Friday.
Italy is one of the invited countries and 4 teachers of Alchimia have been selected to participate.

Nevin Arig, Liesbeth Bussche, Clarisse Bruynbroeck, Hilde De Decker, Marion Delarue,
Silke Fleischer, Bernard François, Delphine Joly, kuppers&wuytens, Claire Lavendhomme,
Patrick Marchal, Marta Miguel, Shana Teugels, Karen Vanmol, Nelly Van Oost

Ulla Ahola, Tuija Hietanen, Sirja Knaapi, Helena Lehtinen, Eija Mustonen, Maria Nuutinen,
Inni Pärnänen, Essi Pullinen, Ari Pyörälä, Tiina Rajakallio, Jenni Sokura, Janna Syvänoja,
Nelli Tanner, Tarja Tuupanen, Tatu Vuorio

Daniela Boieri, Giovanni Corvaja, Arata Fuchi, Doris Maninger, Stefano Marchetti,
Lucia Massei, Barbara Paganin, Marzia Rossi, Jacqueline Ryan, Giovanni Sicuro,
Fabrizio Tridenti, Barbara Uderzo, Graziano Visintin, Annamaria Zanella

We want to give some insight in the pieces that will be on show

Lucia Massei
irector of Alchimia
weekend courses – pigments on metal

I diritti e il rovescio

‘I diritti e il rovescio’, necklace, 2013 yellow gold, silver, ancient epaulettes

” Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future,
And time future contained in time past.
If all time is eternally present
All time is unredeemable”

T.S. Eliot

Is the past behind us and the future ahead ?
Present becomes instantly past when we mention it, a trail towards a future. Philosophers have debated about this concept for thousands of years.
We use time as matter:
this collection reflects a long sense of the past, even in emotional terms, where objects are re-vitalized to new life,
often in contrast with their preceding function of use: selecting and working with objects of the past in order to give them a new name,
removing them from their silent space, and giving them a new life.

ring, 2014 Victorian “steel cut “ button , white gold

ring, 2014 Victorian “steel cut “ button , white gold


“Orientale" bracelet, 2014 ancient epaulettes,  copper, yellow gold, silk

‘Orientale’,bracelet, 2014, ancient epaulettes, copper, yellow gold, silk



Marzia Rossi
head of the Alchimia 
intensive course program
weekend courses – acrylic glass

she is gone, necklace 2011-12 silver, beads nylon thread


stanze necklace, 2012 silver, agate beads, ruby beads

stanze, necklace, 2012, silver, agate beads, ruby beads

It might be possible…..
to carry a special space
where to keep those particular  lucky or scary moments
or anything that cannot be said to everyone.
A space where imagination can go far and….
depending on the moment,
take a different consistence.

My pieces long to be this space……….

ring 2014 silver, gold

ring, 2014, shibuichi, gold



Doris Maninger
director of Alchimia
weekend courses: textile techniques in metal, laces are not only for little girls



‘ephemeral floating’, necklace, 2013, iron, silver, electroformed






‘ephemerals crouching’, brooch, 2014, silver electroformed


Ask yourself a question and give yourself the answer – this might be contemporary jewellery for me

What am I?
How do you want to wear me?
and most of all
Why do you want to wear me?

Every material I use, every form I create is asking questions and giving answers.


Immagine 3

‘ephemeral in prison’ necklace, iron, silver electroformed



Daniela Boieri
Alchimia intensive course leader
weekend courses: marriage metal, hand engraving


ring, silver, gold, ruby

ring, 2014, silver, gold


Daniela Boieri - 1

necklace, 2014, silver


If I take a look on my work, if I have to talk about it, I see and imagine how clear it should be to anyone invited to watch with me, that there’s a canon, a relationship between inside and outside.
Whether it’s cylinders or cages, I always leave a space open.
Open, free and at the same time protected.
The surface of the metal is hardened by oxidation and marked by time.
The eye wanders curious among the shapes with the knowledge that it can always come out with renewed relief and with the pleasure that this freedom of going inside and out would respect spaces and personal discretion.

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