AAC………reNacimiento Tour – first stop Valencia


It is a real pleasure for us to announce the creation/foundation/ formation/constitution of the Alchimia Alumni Collective.


This collective co-founded by Andrea Coderch, Catalina Gibert and Dinah Lee wants to be a new and open platform for past and future Alchimia alumni.

Our main goal is to showcase their and our work, so as to put contemporary jewelry on the map in a larger scale, introducing it to the general public as it is still an unexplored territory to many.Gradually, we want to be able to organize, create and participate in different events and exhibitions all around the world, in different cities.

Their First exhibition Tour is called reNacimiento

reNacimiento, the Spanish word for Renaissance but also a literal translation for rebirth, shows the leitmotiv of the evolution of our work after school.We reunite 2 years after graduating from Alchimia in 2012 and we collectively present this exhibition tour that will take us to the different cities that we each live in.



Their first exhibition and  the first stop of reNacimiento Tour was in Valencia as part of Melting Point 2014 in the amazing ‘corniche’ of the Museum of Ceramics and Catalina Gibert and Andrea Coderch curated the  very simple but effective set up.


Being AAC an open collective every exhibition will feature different artists, depending on the concept of the event and also on the active participation of Alchimia alumni.
The first reNacimiento stop in Valencia showed the work of Andrea Coderch, Catalina Gibert, Dinah Lee and Izabella Petrut and Andrea and Catalina had organized the event.

Andrea Coderch, You -missed-Sakura brooch

Andrea Coderch, You -missed-Sakura



Catalina Gibert – M.a.r. neckpiece


Dinah Lee - Bone Appetit Series pendant

Dinah Lee – Bone Appetit Series


Izabella Petrut - blood on the ground neckpiece

Izabella Petrut – blood on the ground


Lots of people came to the opening in the Ceramic museum, it was the start and the most important location of the Melting Point 2014 with nine exhibitions on the various floors of the museum and reNacimiento was part of them.



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