Alchimic Gardens Report


Is there, can there be anything more beautiful than Fabrika 12. It was the second time that we were hosted in this wonderful space and as two years ago just to enter was a feast for the eyes and the soul.
This year we decided to continue the garden also inside the building,extending the concept of our booth at Sieraad to this big space.


It worked out nicely and we can give you an idea with the help of the photos done by our Valencian photographer Marco Angerlieri



It was a  light and romantic installation, a real greenhouse and there was a piece of every student in school.


Here two brooches of Maria Walker, Maria is now in the third year but these brooches were part of her final work in the second year.


The Lamas of Lucy Clark


One of the really positive aspects of this installation was that all parts of the jewel were visible.
Brooch of Amani Boudargham and ring of Sophia Bankestrom.


The rings of Lilian Mattuschka looked like strange iron blossoms.


Maria Karatsidou’s bracelets needed no fastening, the magnets did it all.


Federica Sala’s wooden bracelet

christina 2

and Christina Schmid’s shoulderbrooch found also the perfect surrounding,

but the piece that above all found its absolutely perfect location


was the huge round aluminium neckpiece of Sana Khalil

Lots of visitors came to the opening


and all were very respectful – there had been some fear at the beginning that people might throw over the pots and the jewellery would be in danger


But no – everybody moved with care between the rows.


and many went down on the knees to observe better


discussions about concepts, materials and techniques


lots of photos – lets hope no copies


positive  comments here on a brooch by Carla Movia


enchantment for the bracelets of Brunella Alfinito

elena croce

the necklace of Elena Croce and the pendants of Diana Pantea (mentioned in the blog of Eliana Negroni)

anna shenaz

the necklace of Anna Gayton


and the brroch of Shenaz Erdal

The exhibition was curated by Peter Bauhuis, Lucia Massei and Doris Maninger following the concept of Sam Hamilton.
The participating students were:

Elena Gil

Amani Bou Dargham

Sana Khalil

Daria Borovkova

Federica Sala

Carla Movia

Maria Ignacia Walker

Francesco Coda

Andrea Melissa Arias

Lilian Mattuschka

Lucy Clark

Brunella Alfinito

Maria Pisarevskaya

Sofia bankestrom

seghev Ben-Josef

nanette gelley

sibilla santucci

Christina Schmid

evrim turker

Mariateresa Leone

Aniya Dunkley

Maria Karatsidou

Shenaz Erdal

Yujie Dai

Alla Ozhegova

Diana Pantea

Anna Gayton

Asuka Tagami

Shirley lay

Albert Tse

Elena Croce

Cindy Kuo

In the next days some more will follow on other exhibitions of Melting Point Valencia 2014.





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