White, plain and a bit scary

 two new installations in Alchimia.

lilian mattuschka, panic room

Every master and third year student needs to make an installation inherent to his/her work in the  Alchimia window or corridor. It is a demanding task to pass from the small size of a jewel to, we can almost say huge size, of Alchimia’s exhibition environment.

This time it was the task of Lilian Mattuschka in the corridor and Carla Movia in the window.


Through this cubical my biggest fear was projected onto a space,
Where you see through my eyes,
Feel with my body
That moment when the floor becomes the sky,
Where the shapes turns into fog,
and I am frozen
into a body that is no longer mine
Obsessed with the metallic sound of my heart beat

Lilian Mattuschka


This “panic room” had to passed in order to enter the school, and the rhythmic device made an absolutely strange and disturbing sound. This was the reason why we had to take it down pretty soon, cat and cleaning lady did not appreciate.


The window installation of Carla Movia has somehow similar intentions and gives a feeling of ambiguity and extraneousness.

An amazing effect with absolute simplicity of means.


1,2,3,4…………. When taken alone they’re just thin light strips, but once they’re placed, one upon the other, they gain a strength and weight of their own. It’s then that it becomes hardly impossible to separate one from the other, to distinguish and understand the frivolity of each layer.  And when you’re the one carrying this mass around, the heaviness becomes hardly bearable.

Carla Movia


a white field at daytime, a particular question coming up: ” Is this just to hide the inside, as in construction sites?” but then when looking with more attention the extreme care of the line setting tells the viewer, that this is the ornament itself. This is the installation.


whereas at night the window becomes a beautiful light painting and there is no doubt about the intention.


But there is some doubt about the picture, unfortunately I could not quite catch the beauty and leave it to you to imagine.


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