Lucia Massei

A celebrity for celebrities

L’ArcoBaleno, the ultimate resource for exploring, discovering and collecting extraordinary design from around the world has chosen to showcase the work of Lucia Massei in the section ‘Carefree Beauties -The Barbara Becker Collection’. 
This could mean that maybe we might see a Lucia Massei jewel in the next Academy Award Celebration !

The Arcobaleno site is an absolutely exclusive online market place, closely linked to the the famous Miami-Basel Design Fair.
As they they state in their home page:’ ArcoBaleno is a place to explore, discover and collect the world’s most extraordinary design.’

Lucia Massei has been selected by L’Arcobaleno for its very first celebrity collection by Barbara Becker, a fashion, jewelry, and interiors designer, not to mention mom, model, actress, friend, athlete, advocate, and more, Barbara is at once a force to be reckoned with and the kind of warm, funny, down-to-earth woman everyone wants as a best friend. As a style icon, she combines an elegant timelessness with enough of-the-moment edge to lend every look equal parts grace and power.


Barbara Becker, 2013 Bambi awards, Berlin

Barbara’s L’AB collection captures this aesthetic beautifully with fun, pretty, lighthearted treasures that range from subtle curves to shapely statements—each the perfect piece for myriad situations. Because, as Barbara knowingly puts it, “Beauty knows many different moments, be it in high heels on the red carpet or barefoot on the beach in Miami.”


Lucia Massei’s brooches and necklace ‘Caffé della Pace’ (famous and very romantic bar in the center of Rome) are the first pieces chosen for the web-site.

This combination of hard-edged and refined sensibilities is a signature feature of Massei’s work, as is her means of capturing the jewels’ metamorphosis from raw, natural material into desirable, precious adornment—lending the finished piece a self-consciously “unfinished” look.

Congratulations Lucia!!!!!


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