Who will be visiting Alchimia next

in winter/spring 2014

Lectures, workshops and seminars in program for this semester.

As every year many international artists will be visiting our school and the first one will arrive on Monday 13th. of January.

Evert Nijland will hold a two day workshop ‘Aflatus’ together with Ruudt Peters and give a lecture about his work.

The Dutch word  ‘bezieling’ is difficult to translate into another language but it litterally means ‘to give a soul to something.’ Whenever the word is used in relation to a work of art it often describes an imaginative power that communicates on a spiritual and emotional level.  It means the viewer is touched by something that transcends the material of which the artwork has been made. For an artist it is a challenge to reach this level of concentration, because it demands great dedication to be able to bring the material to life. INFLATUS will focus on this process of making; to look with your eyes and with your soul and to work with your intuition as a source of creation.

Evert Nijland

As an artist I am searching for the meaning of beauty.
Jewelry has a very long tradition in that search.
In my jewelry I am trying to translate that tradition to the present time.



Almost always my jewelry has its roots in images from Art-history, in particular I have focused on the Renaissance and Baroque- periods. However I am not copying the items in the paintings or sculptures but I translate these images into my own contemporary context. It is important to me that my jewelry reveals this interaction between the past and the present.


On the 20th. of January Andronikus Sagiannos from Greece will visit Alchimia and give a lecture about his work and his teaching.

From March 17 to 19 Myra Mimlitsch Gray, Professor of Art in the Metal Program at SUNY New Paltz, will hold a three day workshop.


Myra received her B.F.A. from the Philadelphia College of Art and M.F.A. from Cranbrook Academy of Art. She produces both jewelry and figurative pieces. Though her work clearly gives credit to function, it would never be confused for functional. Mimlitsch-Gray’s work blurs further the already elusive lines between craft, art, and design. Her work can be found in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Cranbrook Art Museum, the Mint Museum of Craft and Design, and the Renwick Gallery.




From April 7 to 9 the Spanish master goldsmith Ferran Iglesias will visit us for the first time to give our students some more knowledge of how to work with gold wire.




Then in May (16-18), as is our custom already since 3 years, Christoph Zellweger will give our graduating students the last in inputs for their graduation work, the exhibition and the final exam.

A critical view on a world increasingly shaped by man provides the starting point for Christoph Zewllweger’s research. The output may take the form of artistic object, installation, product (as objects to wear), or simply artefact. He explores issues of identity and different narratives around the body exposed to an increasing use of invasive medical technologies.

Christoph’s practice tries to generate a debate on the new direction of social rituals, the relationship between design and science, and the issues that arise when aesthetics meets ethics.

His engagement with the artificial, the constructed world of objects, bodies and identities also implies taking a critical stance to reflect on that essential human activity of ‘making’, of designing the world. Developing the appropriate means for a self-reflective design practice has become a challenge in itself.




Of course their might come some others, there are always surprises and it will surely be an exciting and hard working semester.

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