Greeting the New Year

auguri 2014

Lots of good propositions as always, we hope to keep up with some of them, especially those regarding the blog. I will try to open up the field of interest and give as much information and tips as possible.

And to begin with an invitation


work room South Tirol, seven positions in in contemporary design
at the Bayrischer Kunstgewerbeverein Pacellistrasse.
The exhibition opens on the 16th. of January and runs until the 22nd. of February.

The selection of artists is great and it is amazing how much interesting work a small region as South Tirol is producing.

the artists:

Paul Feichter, sculptor from Luttach


paul-feichterPaul Feichter’s work is prevalently in wood and addresses questions as the relation between artefact and nature. Searching for him in the net I found a series of really fascinating interventions in nature as the ‘nest’ shown in the above photo.

Martino Gamper is probably the most famous of the presented artists, he lives and works in London and became internationally regarded through his work 100 chairs in 100 days.



Working across design and art venues: Gamper’s practice engages in a variety of projects from exhibition design, interior design, specialist of one-off commission and the design of mass-produced products for the cutting edge of the international furniture industry. Martino has an abiding interest in the social aspects of furniture design. In particular, he has a love of corners and the multiple emotions provoked by the single right-angled boundary.


In my research for him I ran over this really interesting blog, where I found most of the photos I am publishing here:


I wanted to include this amazing photo of Doris Salcedo, Istanbul



this one of Martino Gamper’s installation


and here he is spraying his chairs

Konrad Laimer is one of the two jewellery artists present in this exhibition and here is a text about him I found in the art aurea online magazine as well as some of the images.


Jewelry artist Konrad Laimer likes to experiment with natural materials and different casting techniques. He created his “Apple Core” collection, for example, from apple slices with symmetrical cores. He also uses the wood from ash, spruce, pine, linden, chestnut and apple trees to craft rings, brooches and jewelry for the arm. In 2009, this South Tyrolean artist started developing his “Vine” edition based on the molds obtained from vines, their leaves and bark, and even from grapes. Using the dead-mold casting technique, he creates unique pieces of gold and silver jewelry which demonstrate that Nature offers us works of art as gifts that only await discovery.


Kyra Leimegger and Peter Chiusole are two ceramists who are working in various scales from small tableware

to huge ceramic ovens.



Laurenz Stockner is a metalsmith and good friend.


This photo shows him at the Grassi fair in Leipzig where he won the Grassi award with his amazing vessels.


Also this text is copied from the art aurea online magazine as well as the 2 photos

The prominent features of the vessels created by Laurenz Stockner are their perfectly harmonious shapes and natural beauty. Before working the metal – mainly cement copper from the Prettau mine – into the desired shape, Stockner first smelts it in a melting furnace that he built himself. It takes weeks until his copper sheet is ready to be worked. Then he forges and hammers the metal into precisely shaped bowls while at the same time testing the limits of the material. A slight touch will set the finished, extremely thin-walled bowls into vibration. The delicacy of these objects is often contrasted by a fissured or intensely colored surface and irregular edges. Since the year 2000 Stockner has regularly presented his work at exhibitions and also won important prizes, for example at the International South Tyrolean Crafts Competition in 2005, the Bavarian State Prize in 2007 and the Grassi Award in 2009.



Gabi Veit is our link to Alchimia. She has studied with us for 3 years and is the second jewellry artist in the exhibition. She is also a successful designer and exhibition curator.


and this year the Alchimia alumna present in Schmuck 2014.


Linda Wolfsgruber is a successful illustrator of the most amazing children books from Bruneck, living and working in Vienna



If you have any chance visit the exhibition in Munich and good luck to everybody for the opening.



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