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Easter Workshop with Mia Maljojoki and Pau Faus.

We are very happy to host for the first time Mia Maljojoki together with the Catalan architect and visual artist Pau Faus in Florence.
They will be giving a workshop inspired by the concept of ‘city stage’ and by the fact that every stage construction can be divided in what is shown and what is hidden. The main objective of this workshop will be to highlight what remains excluded in the official touristic set up, and to carry out a Firenze touristic counter-representation.


disney guide to Flrence

Jewellery is (especially in Florence) a common touristic souvenir, a witness of a specific place, moment and experience. To question the nature of these ‘memory objects’ is to question the way we want to represent both the visited place and our role as visitors.


We will observe Firenze as a scenography set designed exclusively for the visitor’s enjoyment, and we will consider tourism as the main responsible of today’s urban transformation in historical cities such as Florence.  We want to turn inside out the ‘official’ representation of Firenze by challenging the way the city is shown, explained and sold to tourists. Tourists will become the principal actors of our research. We will watch, study and represent them, in other words we will ‘touristify’ them.


Dates: April 12th to 18th 2014
number of students 8-20
cost: 600 €

for application contact:
deadline for application the 15th of March 2014


Mia Maljojoki, Eruption 13

Mia Maljojoki :
Finnish artist who studied with Otto Kuenzli at the Art Akademie in Munich, Germany, where she now lives and works.
After working in fashion for several years in Helsinki, Finland, she decided that jewellery was to become her medium, but her practice includes also performance and video.
She has been teaching workshops extensively around the world and her jewellery is shown internationally.

Pau Faus:
Architect and visual artist. Urban everyday life explorer, mainly interested on the autonomous practices within the contemporary city. His work aims to activate mechanisms of representation, narration and/or interaction in order to highlight the particularities and conflicts of the place he’s settled at. Most of his projects are ‘site specific’, in collaboration with local agents and other professionals such as architects, photographers, anthropologists or visual and performing artists.

pedagogy - video still, Pau Faus

pedagogy – video still, Pau Faus

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