How strong can fragility be ?

I have found it easier to identify with the characters who verge upon hysteria, who were frightened of life, who were desperate to reach out to another person. But these seemingly fragile people are the strong people really.
Tennessee Williams
Dealing with fragility is somewhat obvious and it is therefore hard to elude the banal and all to expected.
Searching the net as always before writing (how did we write, get ideas before the era of internet),
I find the word linked mostly with love – life – death – 19th. century beauty – sickness – butterflies –
The Tennesee Williams quote I found was almost the only one dealing with the seemingly opposite of fragile but is in a way the subject and concern of the two installations in school.
The window installation by Federica Sala, at daylight  and from outside –  a plain white space of white sheet slightly reminding of a panic room in a mental hospital empty, silent, strong.
“I wanted an interactive window: to represent the revealing of time, and I found my starting point in the work of dutch artist Antoine Berghs ( )
The inside instead is a big bulky torn cube – which appears anything else than fragile –

“I wanted to represent the ambiguity and multiple layers of our human condition. In daylight nothing else than a white textile space is visible, when light fades another image slowly reveals itself. Fire marks reach the surface moving, scary and beautiful.”

Showing and admitting our own fragility, is a sign of strength, to lay open hidden marks needs a whole lot of self-confidence and might condition the attitude of the others.
Is fragility a power game ?


the window at night, revealing the burnt marks and becoming stronger and stronger in its own torn, all surrounding substance.


‘Closed Curtain’ is the title of Maria Ignacia Walker’s installation at the school entrance. It is a curtain of a transparent sticky substance, meant to attack passers-by.

instalacion 1

Also here the day and night vision are different. In daytime a spiderweb or a kind of strange Christmas ornamentation hinders the school’s entrance. You have to be careful when you enter or some threads might attach to your hair or clothes. Some strange shadows start to show when you pass the frontier. It is like entering a foreign body, like diving into the unknown.

instalacion 7

An image of a closed throat, bodily fluids, immaterial beauty is floating and creeping up the walls when the school is empty and all the other lights are off.

instalacion 5

Two visions of our human condition, similar and different in material and expression, beautiful and strong but also frightening and melancholic, which evoke time, its passing and its infinity.

“In my best moments I think, ‘Life has passed me by’ and I am content.
Walking seems to cover time and space but in reality we are always just where we started.
I walk but in reality I am hand in hand with contentment on my own doorstep.

The ocean is deathless
The islands rise and die
Quietly come, quietly go
A silent swaying breath

I wish the idea of time would drain out of my cells and leave me quiet on this shore.”

Agnes Martin

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