Sieraad – a week after

Yes! it was a great fair,
Yes! we had the most beautiful stand


Sam Hamilton, the curator of our show had done a fantastic job. Her idea to present our pieces in flower pots worked in every way. It was light and a funny and different and understandable and logic and alchemical.


It just made sense to present the work of our graduate students of 2013 as crop 13. Everybody understood it and it was nice to explain and the visitors enjoyed to hear  stories about each student.


It was quite a task  to  observe the pieces from near. Visitors had to actually go down on their knees, which already sorted out the really interested ones from  distracted passers by.


This element which we had not taken into account turned out a really winning one and Koen, Enrica and Ioanna did a fantastic job in tellig the most interesting stories about their own work and those of their class mates.


It was also interesting to see, that once on their knees poeple wanted to know it all, and looked at every single piece.


It takes some time to build a setting like this, but at the end it is much more fun and the response of the viewers gives a lot of satisfaction.



Of course not everybody was happy with it and we received also some critiques – too hard to kneel down – not nice for older people – but then when we talked about the concept, everybody could follow the idea and was ok with it.


So a big ‘HippHippHurrahh’ to Sam for this wonderful idea, to Mieke and Henk for supporting with such enthusiasm our students, to Ioanna and Enrica for talking straight for 4 days and to Koen for his help in setting up.


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