Should we call it Newsletter ?


There are always so many things happening around Alchimia school that it is hard to keep up.
We will  tell you about  some of them and immediately ask for indulgence for those reported a bit late.

First news of alumni and student exhibitions and then we move on to our teachers.



This exhibition, curated by Maria Eugenia Munoz, took place in Santiago this August and was a great success. In fact it will continue in another very prestigious location as the
Centro Patrimonial Recoleta Dominica1378767_404352509693286_961352645_n

We thank Maria Eugenia Munoz and all our jeweller friends from Chile for making this exhibition possible.



and of course all the students of for their enthusiasm and hard work during the last year.


and a very special thank you to Maria Ignacia Walker for taking all the pieces to Chile.

At the el.marneri gallery in Athens, Chiara Cavallo curated the exhibition ‘Pattern’.


For more information and photos on this exhibition take a look on Eleni Rompou’s blog ‘Contemporarty


On Sunday, September 29th opened at the Galería Universitaria Braulio Salazar Valencia, Venezuela the 39th Biennial Art National Hall of Fire where Melissa Arias (third year student) received the ACAF Recognition for her work ¨Silence is Healthy¨




Catalina Brenes, graduation year 2008, was selected to represent Costa Rica in the BEIJING INTERNATIONAL JEWELRY ART BIENNIAL 2013.


We are very proud and happy for Catalina.



Yu-Chun Chen and Carissa Hsu who opened the gallery ‘Mano’ in Taipei this year are continuing with their interesting and curageous exhibition programme introducing contemporary jewellery to Taiwan.




Alchimia will be present with student work at Joyabarcelona37026

and at Sieraad Art Fair, Amsterdam



Dinah Lee and Izabella Petrut will have their own stand at Sieraad


On September 14th. at Gallery Rob Koudijs, Amsterdam Ruudt Peters’ exhibition Qi was opened.



On September 13th. Galerie Biro, Munich, opened the exhibition ‘Korrespondenzen, vessels and dishes’ of Peter Bauhuis and Andi Gut


On October 1st, Doris Maninger celebrated the end of her residency at the EKWC with the final presentation of her work during the three months stay at Den Bosch





    • Dear Katharina, we are not sending newsletter our blog is our newsletter, but we will include you in our mailing list for workshops and exhibitions. all the best Doris

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