Memories of 2012/13 second year


What to say about this year………………………..


they were a lot 14 students, worked really hard, until the very end
(exhibition installation)


supported each other


had fun

daria mostra

Daria Borovkova


sana mostra

Sana Kalil



and did quite a  number of great jewellery


Carla Movia


tree ring-5

Amani Bou Dargham


Lunatic copia

Gabriela Cohn


if i was a tree 1

Lilian Mattuschka



Maria Ignacia Walker


Orsolya Losonczy


For a spot of bother

Kyla Murryhi


Ma_Silence is healthy

Melissa Arias


Immagine 45

Federica Sala, end of the year installation


AnnaMaria Gonzales


Francesco Coda



Elena Gil


monkey necklace 1

Amani Bou Dargham



Carla Movia


Immagine 48

Exhibition Installation



Daria Borovkova


Immagine 50

End of the year Exhibition

It was really a great year and we have to give a very special thank you to the teachers Peter Bauhuis and Paolo Bernardoni and of course to all the students for their energy and dedication.


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