some snapshots from gradshow 2013

Immagine 2

We are human – was a crazy project and an enormous amount of work – three days of shifting around furniture


painting all white and in between nervous breakdowns of the directors, poor students, but well also teachers and directors are human.



but it was worthwhile the outcome was fantastic,


although some neighbours where not quite ok with it and started disturbing actions by throwing papers out of their windows – but also neighbours might be human


Each student had a very particular installation to show the work, all the furniture painted white and hanging upside down from the ceiling.


here we have the landing space for Hana’s Ufo brooches



Lavinia’s bites could not be presented elsewhere

and Nur’s cards had to sit on an upside down mannequin



Maria’s animals in or outside the cages – who would ever be able to keep her from moving.
This work by Maria Sais was chosen for the Marzee Graduation show as the work of Lena Grabher


Lena’s unaccessable data pieces were obviously presented near to an upside down TV screen

And Marzee’s third choice Ioanna Natsikou’s misterious body pieces on a mirror which made the effect twice as strong


Ladders in the air for Francesca Urciuoli and her beautiful balloons.


She is the winner of the 2013 Alchimia Award.




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