Our Red Thread


Unfortunately only in Greek, but we try to explain.
This is the poster and invitation of a new exhibition curated and organized by Natasha Kandaraki and Emily Bantouna which took place in Athens in the beginning of June.

child drawing- losing head

Inspired by a red thread, to lead the imagination of students, younger and older, to create artistic structures, the Art and Communication Workshop Bleuteleia and the Contemporary Jewellery Workshop Anamma have exhibited together.

Child drawing from Bleuteleia workshop 2
This game of artistic relay race with the red thread began with the children of the Bleuteleia Workshop, who created drawings and gave them to the students of Anamma, who in turn created their own jewellery.

Anastasia Agglopoulou 2

It is really exciting to see how children and adults can interact and create dialogues that exceed mere play and divertisment.

losing head- jewellery piece

Child drawing from Bleuteleia workshop


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