Hazardous Moments

hazardous moments

Alchimia in Legnica, Poland at the Silver festival. Revolt was the title of this years competition and the linking theme of various exhibitions in town and a seminar with interesting talks and presentations.


Alchimia was invited to present the exhibition “Hazardous Experiments”, developed and curated by Doris Maninger and Peter Bauhuis together with the second year class.


16 Alchimists arrived in Poland (all for the first time) in a beautiful city, wonderful people, wonderful weather and lots of jewellery

Ulrich Reithofer
Philip Sajet
Aneta Lis-Marcinkiewicz & Adriana Lisowska
Agnieszka Bruzda & Jan Suchodolski
Institute of Art and Design, University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic
Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, Florence, Italy
Monika Miodek
Prince Charming & Palace of Hapiness
Bastard Collection
Schmuck 2013
Hardened Tears
Presentations 2012
Amberif Design Award 2013
Dorota Gulbierz
Au+ Pink Pig in Ink

as you can see in the above list the quantity of guests and exhibitions was impressive


Here a glimpse of “Hazardous experiments”, we got a beautiful space and were really happy with the result and the interest of the public

dressed up

all dressed up for the opening


lots of people came and were happy to be able to touch the experiments


The students were prepared to answer all the questions


explain their concepts, trials and results

whats that

What a relief to be able to touch and wonder about forms and materials, jewellery behind glass is so totally frustrating

they like it

they all liked it, something surprising and unusual

last party

and at the end a great party!!!!!!


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  1. Weronika M. said:

    Really nice post! Happy to see the Alchimists having good moments in Poland 🙂

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