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NOW ROOTS is a  workshop where we will discover and explore the identity of the maker. We will tune you on your personal roots. Guide you on the way to dig deeper into your own language.
When we operate from the depth of our roots we generate strength and energy that leads to your form language. It is essential for an artist to draw from this inner force. Together we will search for your personal roots. This means that you will get in contact with yourself, and learn to focus on your personal roots, freedom and drive. We will guide you to your basic experience, teach you to formulate your own positions, and support you in translating this into making art and fine art jewellery.

NOW ROOTS is about taking another space at our contemporary experience of making, a statement about how you can relate to your own inner force. Artists and students are stimulated to produce work around this idea. By doing so, it is important that not only rational reflection, but also the subconscious enters into the work process. Ultimately, fine art jewellery remains a frame of reference.

NOW ROOTS  is built on step-by-step education in which the end product is not the most important goal. “The goal is the means and the means is the goal” (M. Gandhi).
The emphasis lies on personal guidance and development.
The participants are given the tools with which to continue the process on their own. By means of direct action people learn to make steps.

NOW ROOTS is about living together, cooking together, discuss, develop and make.

Dates: 12–18 August, 2013. 9.00-20.00 hrs total 60 hrs teaching
The course starts: Monday 12th  August 2013, 10.00 hrs.
The course ends: Sunday 18th  August 2013, after breakfast.
Departure: Sunday 18th August 2013, 10.00 hrs.
Place: Summer studio, Ravenstein.
Accommodations: 2 / 4 person rooms, St. Laurenshoeve, Ravenstein.
Price: Including accommodation, meals and insurance.
Inclusive 21 % VAT Tax: € 2100,–

Registration: Please mail to:

Max. Number of participants: 12
Language: English, German, Dutch,
Registration closes: July 12th  , 2013
Participation: Registrations are processed in the order in which they arrive.
Deposit: Upon acceptance the participant will make a deposit of € 1100,-before 1st of April 2013
This sum confirms the participation and is not refundable.

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