The 2013 Weekend Course Programme

Finally the programme for the weekend courses spring/summer is ready.It has taken some time but here we are with some great new ones in addition to the ones we have already been running for a while.

Textile Techniques for Jewellery: Experimentation with Crochet and Interlacing
Teacher: Doris Maninger
Dates: 1/2/3 February, 31/1/2 May/June
Cost: 350€ + VAT Tax

for information on the teacher:


Doris Maninger, electrofromed silver, iron wire crochet

Introduction to free interlacing (technique developed in Alchimia), creation of 3D forms with interlaced wire, finishing techniques;
Introduction to crochet, basic stitches, working in three dimensions, free experimentation, inventing your own stitches, finishing techniques

free interlacing, braclet in 925 silver wire

free interlacing, bracelet in 925 silver wire

Pigments on Metal: Experimentation in Mixed Media
Teacher: Lucia Massei
Dates: 8/9/10 February,   28/29/30 June
cost: 350€ + VAT Tax

for information on the teacher:

Lucia Massei, mixed media and flame gilding

Lucia Massei, mixed media and flame gilding

Introduction to colours/pigments and demonstration of various colouring techniques on metal:
hot acrylics, pigments and their application, resins, (mixed media), chemical thinners and adhesives. rolling mill stamping, flame gilding.
Realization of one or more coloured jewels using silver/copper/brass
Tools and non-precious materials as well as handouts on the course are supplied by the school .


Nunome Zogane: Antique Japanese Inlay Technique
Teacher: Elisa Deval
Dates: 12/13/14 April, 19/20/21July
Cost: 380€+ VAT Tax

Elisa Deval, Iron Gold

Elisa Deval, Iron Gold

Creation of the base texture on metal using Mekiri-Tagane
Execution of a silver (or gold) inlay on the metal sheet based on ones individual design.
Polishing of the metal sheet with sand paper and stone.
Introduction to the use of the Rokusho coloring technique.
The special toolkit provided can be bought after the course.

Sungho Cho, Pomok Sannggam technique

Sungho Cho, Pomok Sannggam technique

Molds and Casts: Professional Casts in Silicon Rubbers and Urethanes
Teacher: Doris Maninger
Date: 19/20/21 April
Cost: 380€ + VAT Tax

for information on the teacher:

sleeve cast in transparent plastic and cold enamel

sleeve cast in transparent plastic and cold enamel

To make effective and long lasting molds for the reproduction of objects in plastic, resin, ceramic, concrete and wax is the goal of this course. Experiments and trials will lead to a profound knowledge about the characteristics and qualities of the different materials and the myriad of possible application for jewellery and sculpture.
In three days we will explore the various aspects of molding and casting, from the preparation of the model, the choice of the right molding material, the options for release to the casting itself and its numerous variations.

Weronika Marek, ceramic and resin cast

Weronika Marek, ceramic and resin cast


Acrylic Glass: Methods for Application in Jewellery
Teacher: Marzia Rossi
Date: 26/ 27/ 28 April
Cost: 350€ + VAT Tax

for information on the teacher:

ring, acrylic glass, silver, oil, stones

Marzia Rossi, acrylic glass, silver, oil, stones

Introduction to the techniques of working with acrilyc glass:
sawing, mat polishing, shiny polishing, 
bending with heat, application of colour, joining with glue.
Realization of one or more jewels combining metal and acrilyc. 
This course is both for beginners 
and those who  have experience in jewelry making.

bracelet, acrylic glass, colour, silk

acrylic glass, colour, silk

Creating Jewellery in Resin: Free Experimentation with Cast Epoxy Resin
Teacher: Yoko Shimizu
Dates: 17/18/19 May, 5/6/7 July
Cost: 350€ + VAT Tax

for information on the teacher:

resin, silver

Yoko Shimizu, resin, silver

In this course students will learn to work with epoxy resin and will be able to experience the multiple possibilities of this material. The focus of the course will be on the use of resin in combination with metal, the casting (silicon molds), the incorporation of diverse materials (paper, wood, colour, sand..) during the polimerization process,
the possibilities of surface effects and finishings

Shannon Carney, ring, gold, resin, 2006

Shannon Carney, gold, resin

Painting with Enamels: Limoges Paintings on Jewellery
Teacher: Prof.Jamie Bennett
Date: 24/25/26 May
Cost: 400€ + VAT Tax

for information on the teacher visit: Sienna Gallery


With paint, pencil, and enamel, Jamie Bennett achieves uncommonly poetic effects using floral and patterned imagery, and he creates surface interest with a sensuous touch. In a career that now spans more than thirty years, Bennett has evolved into an internationally acclaimed artist and innovator in the world of contemporary jewelry and enamel.
This workshop will concentrate on painting processes using enamel overglazes.  Historically called Limoges enamel students will use both  traditional and non-conventional methods.  Means of setting and applying enamel with jewelry will be covered.

Jamie Bennet, three brooches

Jamie Bennet, three brooches

Japanese traditional copper alloys and coloring
Teacher. Prof Kimiake Kageyama
Date: 22/23/24/25/26 July
Cost: 700€ + VAT Tax

for information on the teacher visit: Galerie SO

Kimiaki Kageyama, shibuichi, iron

Kimiaki Kageyama, shibuichi, iron

Kimiaki Kageyama one of the most important Japanese Master Goldsmiths will introduce Japanese copper alloys and their coloring. In Japan, coloring metals has been experimented since 4th~5th century.  Direct coloring began around the end of the Heian period (794-1185) but it is during the Muromachi period (1330-1568) that the development of various kinds of copper alloys suitable for coloring flourished.
The alloys will be produced in traditional way and students can select different alloys to develop their personal concepts. Special technical issues and tools will be introduced during  various stages of  the working process.   Special focus will be set on finishings, as polishing with particular charcoals and coloring.

Kimiaki Kageyama, iron, shibuichi

Kimiaki Kageyama, iron, shibuichi

Anticlastic Metalsmithing with Argentium
Teacher: Ronda Coryell
Date: 22/23/24/25/26 July
Cost: 700€ + VAT Tax

for information on the teacher:


Ronda Coryell, samples

Anticlastic raising employs a specialized set of stakes and hammers to move a sheet of metal lightweight, yet strong, flexible structures. Combine the innovative raising technique of Anticlastic with Argentium, a revolutionary sterling alloy and the results are fantastic. The increased malleability of Argentium™ sterling makes it ideal for use in anticlastic forming. And the material’s ability to be fused without solder adds to its appeal. Master Goldsmith, Ronda Coryell, will provide expert demonstrations, followed by hands-on experience to making earrings, a cuff bracelet, and sophisticated metalsmithing forms. Students will work in Copper or have the opportunity to purchase Argentium from instructor.

Marriage Metals and Mixing Metal Techniques
Teacher: Daniela Boieri
Dates:10/11/12 May   5/6/7 July
Cost:350€ + VAT Tax

for information on the teacher: Klimt

Daniela Boieri, copper, silver

Daniela Boieri, copper, silver

Introduction  and demostration of mixing metal . Experimentation of different kind of mixing using silver, copper and brass with and without soldering. Creation of one or more jewels using the results obtained.
Tools and materials are supplied by the school.

Hand Engraving
Teacher: Daniela Boieri
Dates: 8/9/10/11/12 July
Cost: 350€ + VAT  Tax

anello inciso

Daniela Boieri, silver, hand engraved

Introduction to engraving:  tool setting, hand engraving texture on metal, silky technique, grain technique, engraving  a chosen name or drawing using copper or brass.

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