Crowd funding or crowdfunding (alternately crowd financing, equity crowdfunding, or hyper funding) describes the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their resources, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations.
This is the Wikipedia explanation, and to get an idea what this actually means take a look at sites as kickstarter, fan funded or also prosper marketplace.

But we talk about this because we want to present you.


Wowcracy is the fashion-only crowdfunding system that connects projects, funds and fashion enthusiasts.
From today young fashion designers have a new, dedicated, digital window to showcase and get money and attention for their projects.

Passion, devotion, design and cooperation are the founding stones on which Wowcracy has been created. In the current times, the economical and social situation together with the vertiginous evolution of technology, demands  for a return to quality, a well rounded concept of quality. This is the reason for our collaboration with high level schools of art, like Alchimia. We want to support young fashion designers.  We want to spread the Made in Italy way of doing in the whole world, at the same time emphasizing the different cultures craftsmanship’s characteristics. Focus, talent and passion are sources of energy that we want to protect and improve in a shared environment: Wowcracy is the world and word we have conceived to describe and develop these thoughts.

Creative fashion designers can submit their projects to, be supported from the Wowcracy team and be featured for the launch of the website in January.

Do the numbers right in order to estimate the budget you need to realize your project and to define the reward for your supporters.

To know more:

  1. I Have gotten a new idea about crow-funding by read this. Thanks.

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