London calling

A while has passed since our last post, which communicated to you our trip to London for Frieze Art Fair.

The truth being that experiencing the fair as well as the almost scary number of events going on in the city happened to have sort of writer’s block effect.

The why is easy to explain. The must-see-as-much-as-possible feeling creates a bulimic and running around attitude, where all of the shows and events are seen quickly and where reflection and analysis upon them is constantly postponed. This leads to having to digest everything as a mishmash, often enough through quite superficial considerations guided mainly through press releases or gallerists and artists’ explanations which you happen to accept without questioning through more ‘personal’ and thought through parameters or reflections.

ANYWAY, these are not a couple of lines written to explain our week of silence, but actually a consideration on how to behave in such moments. Selection is actually key (and you’d say..of course! Does that need to be underlined?!?) something that might sound banal but which is paradoxically quite difficult to do. It’s like when going to see a huge show and instead of trying to see everything you actually decide to see only some parts, which means privileging as well as sacrificing something, but also that the quality of the encounter will be inevitably higher and what in the end stays, not only in terms of memory but also in terms of further considerations, is simply much more fruitful.

So reading between the lines, our late advice, if that we want to call it, is to look, observe and experience less, give more time to each artwork, breath in front of it, try to decode it and deconstruct it, be driven by its features, let yourself go in its world, believe in it for a moment (it’s always also a matter of faith) and…keep out pressure. It’s simply not worth it.

So to keep on our premises, we decided not to mention everything we have seen in London, or at least not all at once, to give space to our brain, and to yours, to digest.

That means that posts will be coming in the following days.

To the next…


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