Weekend Course: Pigments on Metal

with Lucia Massei

Alchimia’s most popular weekend course is on programme from December 7 to 9.

Lucia Massei will be introducing to colours and pigments in general and will demonstrate their application on metal.

The course will begin on Friday 7 December at 5 p.m. and will end Sunday afternoon.

The students will work with a variety of media from natural substances as garlic and lemon to resins, hot acrylics, chemical thinners and adhesives and they will also learn about posibilities of stamping and flame gilding.

For the complete programme and prices please contact the school office: info@alchimia.it or visit the web site: www.alchimia.it

Kirsten Plank, garlic patina

Kirsten Plank, pigment and natural resin

Lucia Massei, mixed media and flame gilding

Lucia Massei, pigments and flame gilding

  1. Alessandra Fiore said:

    Kirsten, I think the necklace with pigment and natural resin is beautiful, I love the color!!!
    Thanks to Lucia, it was very interesting to attend the course, I really had a good time.

  2. Beautiful, dreaming combination of colours+surface..I lost my self in “mixed media and flame gilding”…

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