Weekend Course: Moulds and Casts

To make effective and long lasting moulds for the reproduction of objects in plastic, resin, ceramic, concrete and wax is the goal of this course. Experiments and trials will lead to a profound knowledge about the characteristics and qualities of the different materials and the myriad of possible application for jewellery and sculpture.
In three days we will explore the various aspects of moulding and casting, from the preparation of the model, the choice of the right moulding material, the options for release to the casting itself and its numerous variations.

cotton sleeve cast in transparent plastic

original sleeve in silver

Dates of the courses in 2012:

October 12, 13, 14 and December 14, 15, 16.

The course is taught by Doris Maninger, founder and director of Alchimia. She has an extensive experience in the subject due to her work as restorator, sculptor and jeweller.

For more information and/ or reservation contact the school office: www.alchimia.it, info@alchimia.it.

sleeve cast in transparent plastic and cold enamel


moulds and casts in diverse materials

polyurethane casting process

polyurethane cast by Doris Maninger

ceramic and resin cast by Weronika Marek

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  1. JanA said:

    I bet this would be an awesome course…

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