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Well yes, we are back on our desks, but before concentrating on the new, we would like to take a moment to highlight Alchimia’s August guest programme.

In fact, we are very pleased to publish and share some reflections, and images of what was created, by the participants of the workshop held at Alchimia by the Spanish-now-Amsterdam-based Estela Saez, from the 6th to the 17th of August 2012.

If you want to know more about the workshop please click here.

And if you want to find out of Estela’s work click here to check out her website.

“Daily Life, Jewellery Connection”


Like the title suggest, the workshop was about how to direct a creative process in our daily life. For me, what I like the most was working about my daily life, out of my daily life. I always have got the feeling that when we move to a different place, we perceive things differently. We get new answers and some times we even see more than we are use to. A workshop is all about that, such a strong and intensive experience where you meet new people, new places of working, new techniques, habits and, of course, knowledge and ideas.

Estela Saez developed a very dynamic program. With great variety of exercises, we had the opportunity to work in-group and individually.

Two different kinds of reflections were productive to expand our horizons. Besides that, we had to analyze the works of everyone, having the opportunity of learning not only with ourselves but also through the creative process of our peers.

This involvement was crucial to create a working atmosphere of sharing and learning.

It was a pleasure for me to share this moment driven by Estela Saez and with all the colleagues of the workshop.

Patricia Dominguez


Ich habe das Workshop von Estela Saez mit hohen Erwartungen besucht und sie sind erfüllt worden. Estela hat die 2 Wochen sehr konzentriert und interessant gestaltet. Sie hat unsere Kreativität und unser Können maximal gefordert. Auch den Zusammenhalt der Gruppe durch tägliche Gespräche untereinander hat sie stark gefestigt und wir waren ein super Team! Dadurch wir immer länger bleiben durften ist wirklich viel weitergegangen. Jeden Abend ein Gläschen Wein und eine Präsentation haben die Stimmung sehr gelockert.

Ich hätte mir keine bessere Lehrerin und Umgebung vorstellen können und es war eine große Bereicherung für mich.

Estela danke und bis zum nächsten mal!!!!

Alja Neuner

[I visited the workshop of Estela Saez with high expectations and they were met. Estela has really focused on the 2 weeks and has kept them constantly very interesting. She has stimulated our creativity and skill to the maximum. Also the keeping the group together through daily conversations with each other has strengthened it greatly and we were a great team! The fact that we were always able to stay longer has meant a lot. Every evening, a glass of wine and a presentation have much relaxed the mood.I could not imagine a better teacher and environment and it was a great asset to me.

Estela thank you and see you next time!!

Alja Neuner]

Under the intense August heat Estela Saez offered a workshop called “Daily Life: jewelry connection”. During two weeks Alchimia became an intense explosive creative space. With exercises in which we were asked to transform daily objects as varied as toothbrushes, toilet paper, binders, towels and bottles, we opened our eyes to search for possibilities in  our surroundings. The fast paced fun filled the first week gave way for the more deep and personal second week. Here under the guidance of Estela we explored the possibilities of our chosen material. The results showed the varied creative approaches and process of our dynamic group. As everyone head home at the end of the workshop a beautiful sense of accomplishment and “camadiere” was felt. Thank You Estela! And Thanks to all my lovely workshop mates!

Maru Lopez

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