Looking Back to Look Forward part II

Here we go with the second part of the short report (yes it took us a while but we didn’t forget…) of what has been achieved by Alchimia graduates and students in the last year.



First we have to integrate the most important achievement in Summer 2011:

Marzee Graduation Prize to Nadege Roscoe-Rumjahn with her collection “Intimacy”

 In her words: A human figure placed on the human body, questions the wearers’ as well as the onlookers’ self image.  In dealing with the subject of intimacy, these trespassing- textile body objects at once caress, confront and offend.  Starting from guttural expressions, blind drawings and watercolors; instinctive emotional responses emerge.  The goal then becomes to translate these feelings into wearable objects.  Through the act of obsessive drawing, this time with thread, I create the material.  Based on the assumption that jewelry has the potential to violate the wearer’s private sphere I created these fragmented figures, which hover within one’s realm of comfort.

Eugenia Ingegno took part in the annual exhibition “Pensieri Preziosi”, Padova, Italy.

Selen Ozus and Burcu Büyükünal opened their own school “Maden” in Istanbul, Turkey.

To see more photos and get information visit their web site: madenistanbul.com

Carissa Hsu participated in “Brand New – New Brand”, Inhorgenta 2012, Munich, Germany.

Melissa Arias and Aline Battegay were selected for Talente 2012, HWM Munich, Germany.

Aline Battegay, aluminium, steel.

Melissa Arias, color pencils, resin, silver.

Sung-ho Cho and Margherita de Martino Norante were invited to Schmuck 2012, Munich, Germany.

Sung Ho Cho, wood, silver, steel.

Margherita de Martino Norante, textile, gold.

Alchimia was present at Melting Point Valencia with the exhibition “Hazardous Experiments”.

Hazardous Experiments

Several teachers and former students as Ruudt Peters, Lucia Massei, Peter Bauhuis, Daniela Boieri, Flora Vagi, Ara Kuo, just to name a few, were present at Collect 2012, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK.

Heather White from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design worked in Alchimia thanks to a Fullbright Grant. She taught workshops in Poliurethane casting and organized the exhibiton “Full-Middle-Endless” (Florence -Boston).

Dinah Lee, Weronika Marek and Izabella Petrut were selected for Marzee Graduation show.

Installation view

Work by Weronika Marek

Work by Dinah Lee

Installation view

Our graduates with Marzee

Last but absolutely not least, it is important to announce again, since the vacation period is dissolving and the new year is just about to start and we are all (!) looking forward to it, that Alchimia has been accredited by the European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools E.A.B.H.E.S.

From now on Alchimia will offer to its students a European Bachelor and Master degree of Fine Arts in Contemporary Jewellery. Click here for more information, or write directly to info@alchimia.it, to ask for more details.

As you can see (read?), as usual Alchimia’s new year brings some novelty, continuing on its reflexive and flexible premises in relation to contemporaneity and the students’ needs and specificities.

This blog will be back on full activity now so…stay tuned!


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