Alchimia has been accredited by the

European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools E.A.B.H.E.S.

We are proud to announce that because of the commitment of many: directors, teachers and students, Alchimia has obtained full accreditation of its artistic and pedagogic values.

The school is officially qualified for

European Bachelor of Fine Arts & European Master of Fine Arts
Major: Contemporary Jewellery.

Starting September 2012 completion of Alchimia’s three-year programme qualifies for a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts (180 credits).

The Bachelor Degree Curriculum developed from the programmes Alchimia has fined tuned over the past 12 years. The BFA includes in-depth theoretical research leading up to a dissertation in the third year accompanied by a compulsory  foreign language exam.

The new two-year Master Degree Programme  (120 credits) is a further development of the Alchimia Quaternitas year. The MFA includes a more comprehensive theoretical and practical framework, the addition of seminars and workshops tutored by lecturers of different fields and nationalities according to the student’s individual projects and needs.

The first year of the MFA provides a structured environment followed by a self-directed ethos of graduate research in the second year. This sequential curriculum is designed for students to gain professional independence and to nurture and support each individual’s approach within jewellery, art and design.

  1. Lamar said:

    helllo i really want to do this I cant wait to graduate high school alchimia i’m coming class of 2015

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