Preparing an Exhibition

The last week we passed to fine tune the Graduation Show “Purus” .
All was ready concept, layout, press release, publicity…………


Fortunately we had


and of course many others

there is so much work to do and even if you know beforehand exactly what you want and how you think to achieve it..

there are always details that do not turn out as you expected, new decisions to take..

need for rapid adjustment, ideas if technical issues do not work as expected

but then when things slowly take form and become clear, turn out maybe even better than expected

then you understand that the energy you have put in was worth while

but there was not only the graduation show to prepare but  also the End of the Year exhibition of the second and the third year…

Lucia, Peter and all the students are still working to get it all done

for Thursday of June 2012 at 6 p.m.

(big problem, at this precise hour Italy is playing against Croatia in the European Soccer Championship)

but somebody will come, we are sure

and then there is still Chica….

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