September Issue / Alchimia goes Fashion

yes we know it’s not september YET but we believe this will be our contribution to the 2013 trends

You may recognize it, the first picture is Chica the school cat in September 2000

the second picture is Cobalto, June issue of “Codigo” revista messicana: of Art, Architecture, Design and Fashion with jewels of Alchimia students

neckpiece and ring on the left hand, Enrica Prazzoli and ring on the right hand, Anna Drexel

neckpiece on the head YuQi Tan, stylist Camilla Bresci: she likes to put necklaces on the head.
It is thanks to her that we could contribute to this shooting with our student’s jewelry.

some poeple in the art jewelry world may frown, but we are happy, “fashion is fun” as Camilla puts it on her web site:,
up: another necklace by Enrica Prazzoli

in these three photos (up): neckpiece by Francesca Urciouli and hat (neckpiece) by Yoko Shimizu

(up) hat/neckpiece Lavinia Rossetti, rings Ha Na Choi and Phoebe Wei

(up) fantastic blouse by Dries van Noten (what a designer) and two necklaces,
this time on the neck by Nur Terun and Yu Qi Tan

Up three, another necklace by Francesca Urciouli.

An incredibl(y long) necklace by Sana Kalil,
but who is more “Fashion” than

Chica in  September 2000

For anyone who needs photos that are not just still lives but moved lives

and if you want to learn more about jewelry:

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