1×1 for Vander A Gallery


Every time there is an exhibition there is a change,
a change of place and a change of country,
different numbers and different names,
different tuning and different agreements,
different materials and different concept .
Those who will wear the jewelry will never be the same, as will the stories of their makers.

What will remain the same is the free spirit, the continuous research, the courage and the desire to create…………


Lucia Massei for 1×1

1×1 is a project born to promote and diffuse contemporary art jewelry through exhibitions, fairs, and events.

It started in Florence from an idea by Margherita de Martino Norante and Eugenia Ingegno as an open and ever-changing collective of independent jewelry artists.

Artistic and technical research and the freedom of experimentation make the jewelry gain new functions and meanings. 1×1 is open to collaborations inside and outside of the jewelry field to find new ways for showing original works to a wider public.

1×1 changes its shape, leader and location following each project. It is an informal group of people based on active involvement, cooperation and sharing of ideas, knowledge and skills for the common goal of understanding and being understood.

almost ready

For this exhibition at Vander A gallery in Brussels, 1X1 presents 8 international artists, very different from one another, what they have in common is their time at Alchimia.

EunJae Baek, Corea


Sung Ho Cho, Corea


Margherita de Martino Norante, Italy


Marina Elenskaya, Russia


Elinor de Spoelberch, Belgium


Eugenia Ingegno, Italy


Young Bin Park, Corea


Yoko Shimizu, Japan


Declaration of intent of 1X1 Collective:

We want to show the personal approach and research of each artist. We believe that each person’s individuality and autonomy is one of the strengths of contemporary art jewelry and that it gets highlighted through the free dialogue of a collective exposition.

To know more and contact the artists: www.1x1collective.com, www.vanderagallery.be

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